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Things that make me happy!

Good day! Waking up and knowing that it's a school holiday make me feel extremely good!!!! At 6a.m. right, my aunt woke me up and asked me why am I still sleeping. For a second I really thought, shit, I have to wake up for school. Then only I realized it's actually a freaking school holiday!! Yaadaa Yaadaa, sleeping continues. :P

Woke up at 8.30am. Suddenly having the urge to blog, about THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY. Quite random when this topic popped out on my mind haha!

First thing first,
I feel good when I try out something NEW. Bear with me, every girl likes new clothes, new shoes, literally everything new! Having new clothes certainly make me happy! Besides apparels right, I feel happy when I have new gadgets! I feel glad even I'm using a NEW TOOTHPASTE!! My new toothpaste is certainly my inspiration for this post. :P

Compliments.  To be frank I love compliments HAHAHA. Citing my performing in Mid Valley as an instance. When random people give me compliments like, hey well done girl, you did a great job or they applause when I finished playing a song make me happy! When people give compliments, they also give me motivation indirectly. Compliments encourage me to move on and improve myself to be a BETTER ME! P.S. Anyone heard of Fiona Sit's new song Better Me? This song is great with her tender voice.

Hmm what's next is TRUE FRIENDSHIP and RELATIONSHIP. Damn it's so hard to meet true friends nowadays! It's quite scary how friends around you become so duplicitous and pretentious! Everyone certainly loves true friends who can chit-chat honestly, without pretending, cheerfully and comfortably. If you were about to pretend and not being yourself in a friendship, well that is not a true and happy one. As for me, I really dislike hypocritical people. Don't you feel that people who are double-faced deserve a kick in their ass? Well if you dislike that person, just tell him/her honestly. If you don't want to talk to her, just ignore her in your life. Why pretend to be friendly in front of her then back-stab her after she left? It will be really depressing if my good friends gossip and back-stab me! It sucks right! Oh. Maybe I should blog about this topic next time! I surely have a lot to say. :P

Good grades, undoubtedly, are something that make me happy!! Don't tell me you feel bad when you get good grades in your exam! Everyone wants good grades. Everyone wants to achieve higher and better. Talking about this motivates me to work harder for my upcoming SPM trial!! Trial exam is just a few weeks away, so far yet SO CLOSE!!!!!

Little things people do to me will brighten up my day too! I don't need you to be giving me money every day, telling me that I'm beautiful every day or purposely doing something just to please me. I kinda like people who do gracious things to me unintentionally. For example, my daddy, every time when I study till late night, he will get me some warm water or fresh fruits. His action makes me feel that someone cares about me! In addition, I love it when my friends approach me and cheer me up when I'm down. Even simple words from them like, hey buddy cheer up, comforts me. Always, I feel happy when I know someone is there for me when I'm feeling downcast, especially Mr.Boo who always listen to my ravings! There are many little things in life which make us happy, only we did not realize about its existence. Nowadays people often look up to "big" things which make them happy, for example, they only feel happy when their parents buy them new possessions. I believe everyone knows it when some kids say:"Oh daddy mummy I love you" only when their parents get them new things. How about when their parents did not get them anything they like? Probably they will not even bother their parents! It's quite disheartening to know that people get so materialistic these days! T__T Please correct me if I'm wrong. :(

Cleanliness and tidiness. I love it when my house is clean, my room is extremely tidy, my clothes in my wardrobe are ironed. I love everything to be clean! That's why I do household chores every single day just to make sure my home is comfortable and uncluttered. I love sparkling floors and a hygienic home! Saw an article about Cheesie's condo on The Star Newspaper yesterday! Awesome, I love her room which is really tidy and girlish. Floral wallpapers, tidy bookshelves, lovely Duffies plush toys and organized furniture. Simple and nice are words I can describe her home! Looks like I really have to learn something from her! :P

Well there are billions of things in the universe which can make us happy, like what I said above! I hope you guys can also find out what makes you happy in life instead of searching what displeases you in life! Be positive, optimistic and always look at the bright side! Good day everyone!

A post without photos is weird HAHAHAHA. So here are some self-obsessed photos for you. :D
Wink Wink! ;)

Till next sweeties! ♥♥♥

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