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Eclectic. Fashion Fabulous. Nothing Serious.

Jiang-jiang-jiang-jiang! First and foremost, I would like to wish all my Muslims friends out there SELAMAT HARI RAYA!! Hope you enjoy your Raya and as for me, I seriously have to utilize my time on REVISION!! Don't worry as I'm not going to crap about all my studies stuffs today okay, this is gonna be another collaboration post and this time I'm collaborating with one of my favourite blog shops, multicolette.blogspot.com

Multicolette exclaimed themselves as FASHION BLOGGERS in a mix category. They personally are avid fashionistas, love to mix and match and always keeping track on the latest fashion trend! A simple introduction from them, Our style is very much eclectic. We love anything fashion fabulous. And we do not take it too seriously, we love any style according to our mood.  Yes, fashion fabulous is exactly what I love about Multicolette!!

Multicolette have both PRE-ORDER and READY-STOCKS items. "We are shoe fetish, we love feminine blouses, chic dresses, funky accessories... anything that inspire us." And you girls can find all their wonderful collections in their blog shop!

Here's are 3 sets of outfits I got from them! Personally love all very much as this time all the outfits are so sweet and feminine!! And to collaborate with the girlish style, I curled my hair myself using the straightener this afternoon HAHAHAH. Sorry lah it doesn't look really nice because this is my first time curling my hair MYSELF. :P OH AND YES, this time NO KILLER HEELS but say hello to my new baby CREEPERS. Hope y'll enjoy the photos! :D


Fishtail skirt in navy. Didn't know it will look so good with my creepers. Ok I'm so happy. ^^

Meh bunny face. :$

I like this piece because it's like revealing your skin but not too much that type. If you get me. 若影若现 HAHA.

The River Island Skirt in Baby blue color. 

Loving this baby blue so much. Isn't it sweet enough for a date? :P

Girls, you can also wear a belt on it if you like!! :D


A Peter Pan Collared Dress!! This is my favourite piece!! Always love collar dresses because it somehow makes you look vintage/old school/ young HAHAHA. 

Love the length of this dress! And it's made from super high quality cotton. Super comfortable and warm! 

Seriously in love with this dress and cannot stop myself from acting innocent HAHAHAHAH. *bitch please*
This dress is too adorable!!! Can I wear like this to work tomorrow? x)
Hello to my eye bags! ^^
By the time I finished shooting, my hair turned kinda FLAT and revert to its original look!! Meh I want curls!!
Honestly I really love the 3 pieces above!!!!

Be inspired by Multicolette and I hope you enjoy your shopping there!!! Love y'll! ♥♥ 


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