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Happy National Day + Chippy Hippy

Hey earthlings,

Since it's a public holiday today, mummy asked me go shopping with her! She woke me up so early at 8 a.m. and asked, "Eh, today we go shopping lor okay?" And I actually planned to do revision for History subject today but I can't resist the "shopping" temptation and also sushi LOL. So I was like, "What time are we coming back? I wanna study one ok." Then she said, "Afternoon lah! Go relax for awhile ma!!" Then I was like, "Okay DEAL!" Don't you think my mum is cool? She asked me out even though she knows that I'm having trial exams. The usual stereotype of mum will be like, "YOU ARE GROUNDED, STAY AT HOME TO STUDY." Right? ;)

Going girlish style today. :3

Snowflake. Ordered their latest series in Green Tea! Tasted too sweet somehow. :X



My awesome shopping "kaki" of the day! Uncle John, cousin bro, Aunty Mun and mum!!

Oh ya, in case you guys didn't know, all of them are super tall, at least 170cm and above. But why am I so short? LOLLLL. 

Mummy wearing the studded denim jacket brother and I bought for her as her birthday present!! How kind are we. :P
OK I did not snap any photos in Sushi Zanmai because I was as hungry as a wolf that I can swallow an elephant LOL. So....yeap. ;X

Hahaha his mischievous look. :3

Some selca pics. ;)


I think this post is quite boring -__- and I'm running out of words to describe everything. Well so besides the boring blog post, LET ME INTRODUCE YOU GUYS ONE NEW ONLINE SHOP BA!!!!

Online shopping will be damn interesting, convenient as well as addictive if you guys find online shops you love. For me, I enjoy hunting for online shops which sell extraordinary items one because you will get bored if you can find all the same things in different shops.

So now, I'm introducing CHIPPY HIPPY to you!!! I feel the cuteness only by reading at its name hahahaha! You can almost find every GIRL thing here because they are currently selling a wide range of goods like clothes, accessories, watches, phone casings and pluggies!

They have pre-order and ready stock items! Some of their stocks are very limited so everything will be first come first serve basis! If you wanna grab good things, of course be quick and efficient lah. :P

I found their new pre-order for apparels very nice because all the apparels are imported from KOREA. I personally love Korean fashion very much and y'll must have a look on them! Ahhh see I just spotted a super chio BUNNY tee!!!! Their pre-order closing date will be on the 15th and 30th of every month, except for some items which have already stated a closing date! The items will reach within 2-3 weeks after the closing date. :D

So now let's see what have I got from Chippy Hippy!

I think my baby iPhone looks super chio with the new sticker and also THE NEW CROWN PLUGGIE!!!! CHIO OR NOT!!!

The pluggie is made of those blink blink elements which can SHINE so much!!
P.S. There are so many cute designs of the pluggies like Hello Kitty's, Panda's, American Flag's and BUNNY'S!!! Eh I'm so crazy over bunnies these days. Why ah? :3

Love this pair of vintage moustache earrings! 

Love its round button design which gives a really vintage look! (Y) Some of the earrings are hand-made and price ranging from RM5.80-6.80 for each pair ONLY. *Okay I spotted one pair of pink bunny one I WANTTTTTT*

Lastly, Paris Eiffel Tower Autumn Design iPhone case!! Simple yet nice and love how the colour blends together to create a wonderful gradient!! There are also many doodled iPhone casings for pre-order!! Go grab them naoooooo!
To place an order, please message them at www.facebook.com/messages/chippyhippy or add us as friend at http://www.facebook.com/chippyhippy2012 !!!

Hope you guys enjoy your shopping with them! kthxbai. ♥♥♥