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After one week of struggling, it's wrap and the SECOND WEEK of exam has ended!! However it doesn't mean that trials are over as I will be sitting for Chemistry and Physics papers next week!!

This week of exam literally went on smoothly (so-so la). Maths, Add Maths and Biology papers are all defeated. AHAHAHHA NO LAH, just joking. Actually I'm quite unsatisfied with what have I done to my Add Maths paper. Paper 1 was all fine, surprisingly knew how to answer all of them (most of them except one probability question lollll) but paper 2 was hell. I didn't even know how to solve simultaneous equation that day. Hell, this always happens to me during exams lol. Did too many inadvertent mistakes, didn't read question properly and didn't think carefully before answering. I can't imagine lah, paper 2 was not satisfying at all and hopefully paper 1 will save me!!

Well. Recently I'm quite into tying my hair up, either tie a simple ponytail or a Japanese bun. Even tried different styles like curling my hair and wear usamimi HAHAHA. FYI, Usamimi is a bunny-ear hairband, super trendy in Japan right now and always being featured in VIVI magazine. Me is in love okkkkkk. Those models are just so adorable with it. Oh ya, my current favourite VIVI model is Reina, especially her baby skin.

Talking about baby skin right, I think I'm having some sort of skin problem. There was a wound staying under my feet for more than one month already. Consulted the doctor a few weeks ago and I apply the ointment on my wound every day. It's recovering now. I hope it recovers faster as I think it sorta worsen my skin condition. For example my skin is so sensitive nowadays and always get red spots easily on my legs. Holy freak. The doctor said if I did not take good care of the wound, it would cause problems to my skin as well. No please no. Luckily no red spots are formed on my face lah but there are several new-born pimples due to well, stress and PMS I guess.

Hi I'm a bookworm. *oh please*

Casual outfit with a Japanese bun. Wish I have thicker hair so that I can tie a bigger bun
Wearing Usamimi and boy-friend style studded denim from Topshop. Well supposed to be mummy's but whatever I'm sharing this with her HAHAH.

Thought of the day: Life is good when you know someone will always be there for you. :3

Physics time! Kthxbai! :D

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