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To the beautiful you.


Good day lovelies! The photo above was captured by me at 8am. Loving this photo as you can see, the blue sky is a beautiful sight to behold. The sky is not lonely although there are no birds flattering across it because the thick,white and fluffy clouds are covering the bare sky! My life without you would be like the sky without the clouds, mundane and monotonous. 

Vintage Dress from Jujumilky.blogspot.com! :D

Well enough of trying so hard to describe the sky lololol. Just wanna blog about what's on my mind today, well just in case you wanna know what's on my mind HAHAH. Okay, it's a lovey-dovey Saturday and I'm going back to work after 2 weeks of break! Since trials had ended so I decided to work and stop in the end of October!

It was such a relief that I passed my Grade 8 piano exam. I had the fear of getting fail again and how lucky am I to pass the exam this year. I didn't hope for getting Merit or Distinction at all because I knew my performance wasn't good at all. Seriously need to thank the examiner for being so kind to set me free hahaha! So my mum asked me whether I'm interested to continue learning Diploma or not. I'm questioning myself too. Probably won't indulge in learning piano this year until SPM ends. Well to be frank I don't like playing classical songs. Prefer to sentimental and pop-songs. [I think every piano learner has the same thought as mine!] *Leaving my laptop because a pro pianist is performing in the TV* Ok back and omg I wanna be like the pianist in the TV!! But it will take me years to gain his skills. Putting piano matter aside and now I wanna blog about my current addiction!!

It'd been so long since I *chased* a drama. I rarely have time for dramas although I can watch Astro On Demand dramas anytime. What's the latest Hong Kong drama now? Didn't even watch Ghetto Justice lolol. I'm so out-dated lol!! So recently many people are discussing the new Korean Drama, TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU. I was kinda curious when some Instagrammers posted photos of the castings and I was like, EH THIS BOY NOT BAD, QUITE HANDSOME. Then since trials have ended, I have an excuse to take a break and keep myself updated with this new Korean drama. It'd been so long since I watched Korean drama! The last drama I watched was the Nine-tailed fox which I really, extremely love it. To The Beautiful You is my new addiction!!!!!

FYI, it's actually a Korean version of Hana Kimi. The storyline is almost the same but what makes a difference is THE ACTORS AND THE ACTRESS. I love Suri Choi!!! Didn't know that she's one of the members of the Korean girl group F(x) until I googled it. HAHA I feel ashamed for not recognizing her in the drama because I've been watching Electric Shock MV all the while. So Sulli Choi has short hair in the drama and it's quite suitable for her I guess. She looks cute in that hairstyle!!

Initially I kinda like Lee Hyun Woo because he's so cute too! But later I found that Minho is quite handsome for some scenes!! LOLOL. And I prefer Minho being together with Sulli. And even love it when Minho pats Sulli's head like a small girl. Definitely a girl-must-watch drama because the actors are all so good-looking. Minho is so tall, his body is firmly built with muscles, his nose is perfectly symmetrical and with a smile that ends with a little smirk at the corner. Great I should stop before teddy boy is jealous to the max until his nerve bursts seeing upon all these.  :P

Guys with such bright smile. ♥.♥ 

What else can you say about his smile except charming?
Please!!! Sulli and Minho look absolutely cute with each other!!!
This is the episode I watched today. Minho was helping Sulli to wash her face because she sprained her wrist!! SO CUTE OMG SO CUTE. 

So this is Lee Hyun Woo, 19 years old this year and he's super super cute in this drama!! 

Oh my goodness, enough of being cute okay?!
Lee Hyun Woo shooting for Evisu!!!!! Oh my tian. Not cute here but smoking hot. *Eyes with loves*
OK I'M SO ADDICTED TO THIS DRAMA. I WANNA CONTINUE WATCHING EPISODE 9 NOW SO BYE FOR NOW!!! *I know I'm slow so now I'm chasing it heheh. Call me a fanatic.* 


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