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Back from school's Majlis Restu SPM and guess what? It's the last day of school!!! Saw many form 5 schoolmates posted statuses and tweets about leaving school, graduation day and all. And most of them sounded quite depressed for graduating from high school. Then I questioned myself about this. Why I have no sense of depression for leaving school, yet? Am I cold-blooded or I didn't know how to express my exact feelings? Graduating - mixed feelings. A part of me wants to graduate so badly, can't wait to enter the next stage of life while another part of me thinks that memories in high school are the sweetest and the best.

So this morning, I stepped into school, feeling so usual and NOT depressed YET. We were then instructed by the teacher to move to our examination room to arrange the tables and stuffs. I have to say, MY CLASS DAMN IN LOVE IN TAKING PHOTOS ONE. Some more they can take tons of photos with the teachers. Most importantly, we want US to be together all the time. Yup this is my class. And then we started to take photos with the teacher as if SPM had ended LOLOL. I can still remember the scene last year when my seniors were settling down like how we did today. Most of them looked so dead, um I mean stressed! Some of them even cried because of over-stressed I guess. What the hell they pressurized so much, holding SUPER high hopes but we are totally opposite lol. We literally had fun taking photos the entire morning. x) Now I know why teachers said that 5S2 this year is so different as compared to last year's 5S2!

After all the screams and shouts, the teacher finally succeeded in calming us down in the hall. Because as you know, everyone was in the OH-I-WANNA-TAKE-PHOTO mode and they almost forgot to be discipline. Meh. And then, Majlis Restu finally started. I could feel our highly elated spirit when all the form 5's sang the National anthem and our school song! And everyone shouted "Connaughtian" together and cheered. I feel unity, liveliness and passion. This is one of the most unforgettable scenes ever.

Then, we got blessings from teachers and shook hands with the teachers one by one. Tell you lah, that time I was still feeling quite calm one until I saw my classmate hugged my Chinese teacher so tight in front of me. What the, the scene triggered my glands and I feel like crying LOLOLOL. Our Chinese teacher is very kind and she is really good in teaching. Not forgetting to mention that she always shares her experiences with us in class. So all of us really like her, I mean, love her. So it's my turn and I was like, "Wa teacher don't like that leh" as I saw her weeping. I hugged her and trying to hold back my tears.

After that, I had a mini confession session with my all my classmates. It's not MINI, at all. This session literally made everyone sobs LOL. Monitor began with his "speech" first. And some girls burst into tears while listening his speech. Then everyone was given a chance to say confess anything we want. I didn't say anything la, I'm trying to be a good listener only LOL. But if I go out and say something, I scared I will just burst into tears and cry and unable to talk! Then some guys started being so sentimental and talked about how much they love being a part of our class. Damn these guys are so great in talking such emotional stuffs and it made everyone cried even more LOLOL. Then they said, it feels good to be in 5 Science 2, it feels like a home and this home is irreplaceable. Oh damn you see, so touching and the callous me began to weep too!! LOL this time I failed to hold back my tears lah because what they said truly touches my heart. I love you guys ok and please use all your skills in writing essays during SPM, guarantee can score A+ lolol!! What surprised me the most is, THE GUYS CAN BE MORE EMOTIONAL THAN GIRLS. I thought only the girls would cry today but no, all my super cute male classmates became crying babies today. Ah I love my classmates and each and everyone of them are certainly going to stay in my mind until the end of my life.

Ok so we reentered the hall and began our GALA session again!! Okay let the photos do the talking nao!
*Didn't edit all the photos cuz I'm lazy hahahahaha* And sorry if the photos appeared blur because I was using Ixus instead of dslr today!!! Should've brought my Baby five along!

My girls! :B
With Brenda. :D
I miss our heart-to-heart conversations!!
School captain Ah Hong!!
Classmate Chris, he's the one who cried like a baby while he talked LOLOL. x)
With two witty brains beside me LOL.
Ok then another witty brain joined.
With Mr. Add Maths Pro. :B
OK This guy also cried emotionally and he said, SORRY AH 情绪有点失控 LOLOL.
Best class monitor ever! ♥
Mr. Magic and I. x)
Another witty brain who can score well in EVERY subject.
James transformed himself from a prefect to a school librarian today! haha!
With Ah Koon.
Kay candid shot by Heng Ye hahaha!
The Prefect Gang. ♥


Then this Qiao Xuan transformed herself from a normal student to a school librarian's uniform. HAHAH.


Classmate, Mandy! :3
With Ming Li, Connaughtian of the year!! Congrats!!
lol he purposely took of his glasses to take photos. Vain HAHAHA.
Meng Zuen was forced to bend his legs so that I won't look like a dwarf beside him!!! Thanks hahahah!
With Jun Xian!
Cy Lee!! Best bitchy friend x)
Taking photo with Ken but two stubborn kids insisted to photobomb our pic HAHAHAH!
With Samson! :3
Classmate, Yee Zheng! :D

With Jason. :)
Khai Yuet and Zi Hui are prefects but they wore the librarian's shirt for fun today hahah!
With Zhi Yong! :P
With Jacy Chen! :D
Yiweiiiiiii! ♥
With Ah Kei. Borrowed this huge specs from Yiwei HAHAH.
From Nat's camera.
Baby Nat! ♥
That's all for nao and I will update as soon as I got new photos from my friends. For now, I'm going to kick Sejarah!!!

All the best in SPM to all form5's. Prove that we can do better than the last batch!!! ♥♥♥ 

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