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What do you guys want next?

I complained how quick SPM comes few weeks ago. And now what? I'm pretty amazed because there are only 3 subjects left!!!! Chemistry, Biology and Chinese!!!!! For the past few subjects, I feel quite confident that I can score at least an A- for them. HAHAHA, trying to be humble a bit. Hmm if you asked me what's the hardest paper I've sat, I would answer PHYSICS PAPER. I dunno lah, it may be very easy for my friends because most of them scored 45 and above, over 50. For me, I think I only scored 43/50! Quite disappointed and happy at the same time LOL because you know what, I usually score less than 40 for paper 1. This time the paper was actually quite easy and  shouldn't make so much mistakes on it. What a disgrace. But oh well...I've tried my best hahaha.

Add Maths was one of the subjects I worried for. I think I lost about 15 marks in paper 1! However I think I did quite well in paper 2 because I was able to solve most of the questions & I'm pretty surprised for my performance! My hard work would be truly paid off if I score an A+ for it. Okay maybe an A will do. HAHAH!

Selca with my little devil horns beanie! :P
Oh ya, thank you everyone for supporting me! I received tons of messages about people are interested in buying this. And I'm bringing more than 50 of these beanies back!!!! Good news is the price is super affordable for this cute beanie!! :DD

Anyway, some of you asked if I'm selling other hats or accessories. I couldn't give you a proper answer nao because I have to do a survey on which items people would be interested in first! So please email me or leave me a message about what do you actually like?

Channel cap? CommesDesFuckdown cap? Hmmmmm gonna consider these?

HEHEHE Loving caps like this so much recently!!

Channel Cap?

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