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Isetan x ViVi Japanese Styling Workshop.

Ohaiyo Gozaimatsu!! This entry is about the Isetan x ViVi Japanese Styling Workshop I've attended at KLCC on last Saturday! I was really lucky to be chosen as one of the 10 winners of the Japanese Street Style Contest organized by Vivi Malaysia recently. I actually simply chose a photo of my coordinate to join the contest. Never give too much hope on it! So I was really on cloud nine when I receive this piece of good news and felt even elated as I'm invited to attend an exclusive workshop, just for the 10 winners!

I finished working at 1.15pm that day. Then mummy and I dashed to the taxi stand to take the cab. We spent 15 minutes on finding the cab! We were so in rush and we were afraid that we might be late for the event. Guess what. We reached there at 2pm sharp haha! The event was supposed to start at 2pm too, but well..I was not the latest one to reach there! YAY *mission accomplished*

Ok so the event was held in first floor of Isetan, KLCC. As a Japanese fashion lover, I really appreciate that Isetan has brought some Japanese brands to Malaysia! I hope more and more people will get attracted and introduced to Japanese styles!

Ok without further ado, I'll try to blog about the activities we carried out during the styling workshop as much as possible. And, some photos might be blur because I was concentrating on what the stylist said, ok not the stylist but the person who translates for the stylist hahaha.

Anyway, our fashion stylist is a Japanese fashion designer named CHIHARU KIKUCHI. I adore her name!!!!! How can Japanese have such cute names HAHAHA. Besides her cute name, her outfit for the event was also cute and girlish!


Ice breaking. 
For this session, the emcee asked Chiharu Kikuchi to pick some of us out and she will be giving us some opinions about our outfit for the day! Chiharu first picked Hannah, who dressed like a rocker. I'm sorry I did not take any photos because I thought no photography is allowed. Meh. Ok so Hannah is really tall!! And she was asked to introduce herself. Then, Chiharu said she adored her style because her outfit was really cool with a denim jacket and also spiky necklace and rings.

After Hannah, Chiharu was asked to pick another one! Then she picked me!!! I was sitting in the front row. So...maybe it's easier for her to spot me HAHAHA. OK then I walked in front to be in the limelight. Whoa. All eyes were on me, my outfit..my hair..my makeup..and the way I talked. Actually I was not nervous but I felt myself quite stiff standing in front hahahaha. K so I introduced myself first, of course not forgetting to promote my blog for awhile HAHAHA. But not sure if they remember my blog address or not. :3 So I told them I'm a seventeen-year-old lifestyle blogger and I noticed that Chiharu Kikuchi kept on smiling and her smile is so adorable omgz. Some more she is so presenting her smile and herself so naturally. Then she commented that my outfit was so KAWAII and really Japanese look. *flatters* Then I simpered and said, oh kawaii hahahaha and said thank you thank you. LOLOL. I wanna see the photos so badly! Wish Vivi Malaysia or Isetan will upload the photos to their Facebook asap so that I could see how silly I looked that time hahahaha.

Styling Tips.

Here, I started taking pictures because I saw the girl beside me took photos with her camera lololol.
Chiharu Kikuchi introducing the three coordinates most Japanese girls prefer.
Kinda like this set of coordinate and the collar definitely makes the whole outfit looks more adorable!

Chiharu was explaining how to create a sweet look for a date. And here's one example of the outfit. This outfit would definitely look good on girls who go for feminine style but not for me I guess! Too girlish hahaha!

Then she taught us how to do the mix and match for some apparels she chose. 

I fancy this set of outfit the most!! This is usually how I match my apparels. And Chiharu said, if you don't want leopard prints, choose checkered prints! Younger and cuter! 

 You can also try stripe skirts! Kawaii~

Tips on how to wear a sweater with some inner decorations.

Peplum skirts, IT item of the year! Just pair it with a singlet to go for a feminine look!


Oh this is so cute!! Wear an oversize sweater over a floral dress! :D

Love the mini skirts so much!

One of the outfits I love the most! Casual and funky!

Basic tees are really useful as you can pair them with anything!

During the event, we can also ask her some questions or more styling tips! And here are some questions I asked her during the Q&A session.

Q: How to make myself look taller? 
A: Wear heels! *like how I did that day :P* Wear beanies can also make us look taller!!!

Q: What kind of hairstyle do Japanese girls prefer? 
A: Wavy hair with bob fringe! Curl your fringe outwards to make you look sweeter!

Q: How can I match oversize shirt (like the stripe one above)? Should I tuck it inside my skirt/short or just leave it outside? 
A: Just leave it because the cutting is meant to be like this. (Front part of the shirt is shorter)

Q: What kind of shoes we should wear to pair with long pants? 
A: High heels are more preferable or you can choose wedges. (As shown in the pic above too)

Um, I think I just asked her these.. 

Some questions other winners asked: 

Q: What is the trend for 2013? 

Q: What kind of color is trendy in 2013? For example..Monotone is the IT color in 2012 so how about 2012? 
A: Depends. But polka dots and vintage style will be a trend next year. 

Q: What is your usual style? Is it cute? 
A: Depends on what kind of events I'm attending. For today, I go for kawaii style.
Then there's a session where some of us are picked to go in front and match the clothes Chiharu Kikuchi prepared. 

She then picked the girl behind me. SORRY I forgot her name but she was dress in a sexy white dress but with a blue ribbon on her head lol. Then she said she was trying to create a look which is not too sexy by adding the ribbon on her head. Um, she is a wedding planner and is 24 years old. I remember she did a good job in matching the apparels and I nodded in agreement for what she matched. But I have forgotten....grr should've taken photos of her and her matching pieces. T_T 

Then Chiharu picked me again wtf wtf. I didn't know what to match lol those pieces are so dainty and feminine and not my usual style but whatever. Then I walked in front bravely along with some applause lol. Ok then I picked the collared long sleeve blouse out to mix with the leopard skirt in the first outfit. And I explained that this would create a "student" look LOLOL. Then Chiharu nodded her head courteously. Ok then she kept on saying "HAIT, HAIT HAIT," which means "YA, YA,YA" I guess LOL. Then I chose the funky outfit I liked and said I would prefer my clothes to be matched like that way because it makes us look younger lolol.

She then praised everyone of us for doing a great job on our outfit of the day. She said Malaysian girls have great fashion sense hahaha!

Chiharu Kikuchi, giving out goodies bags for the 10 winners. And I met this cute girl during the event!


With Chiharu Kikuchi!!! Super cute and affable! 


One of the winners too!! 

Who doesn't love goodies bag!

Best goodies bag I've ever received!!!! 
Vivi Magazine 
Collagen Mist 
Collagen Mask 
Japanese Top seller BB Cream
Majestic Legon 2013 diary notebook
Cleansing cream 
Mini Bearbricks

Pics from Isetan Kuala Lumpur FACEBOOK page!!!!


Caught in selca action HAHAHAHA.


Lunch in Chinoz!


Randomly ordered this Spaghetti with clams. Honestly, it doesn't worth the price at all. Expensive but not tasty. 


Thank you mummy for the accompaniment!! 


That's all for this entry!!!! Hope you enjoy reading this!

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