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ModBox Beauty Box Review


Modbox is a beauty box subscription service in Malaysia. We partner with awesome brands to deliver deluxe beauty samples to you every month. 

Oh yes! Looks like X'mas comes earlier this year for me as I've already received my first X'mas present from MODBOX! 

I swear. Waking up and receiving parcels would be one of the best things in the world! I believe that everyone loves receiving presents, of course something you like very much and use very often. Anyway, the ModBox crew surprised me with their deluxe beauty box at 12.12.12. On a cool date, receiving cool presents. Double the coolness. Double the happiness. Woohoo! 

Btw, the beauty box comes in their significant purple color and the beauty products are arranged nicely inside the box. The design of it never disappoints me and seriously, I think girls would go "Ooooo-Ahhhhh" upon receiving such treasure. 

Let's take a look on this beauty box now!!

Simple yet nice design of the box! 

  Look how they packed the products, carefully and desirably. 

Haha this mini Christmas hat clip is really adorable! 

A box with splendid and handpicked products, absolutely for you from ModBox. 

A brief introduction of every single product they picked.

Everyone likes voucher, isn't it? 

Introducing you this Apple Peel Cream from Juice Beauty. (Bestseller item!)

Designed for all skin types and it help to exfoliate, brighten, reduces fine lines & wrinkles and improves skin tone & texture! It's suitable for me to apply on my forehead with darker skin tone! Say yes to a wonderful skin tone after applying this product! 

Apply a generous layer to cleansed face, neck and decollete up to twice weekly. Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse well. Follow with Juice Beauty’s Antioxidant Serum and Nutrient Moisturizer.

As I mentioned above, it's advisable to use Juice Beauty Moisturizer after the apple peel cream. 
Juice Beauty's Oil-Free Moisturizer is designed for oily, combination, and blemish prone skin types. It definitely helps to hydrate our skin and restore our natural skin's natural moisture! 

Anti-hair fall shampoo!!!!! Must-have item for girls who have long hair like me because we all know our situation when we see the creepy amount of hair fall after showering. It's loathsome isn't it! So, try this Anti-hair Fall shampoo to improve your situation! 

Surprise comes after one another! Look at this Diamond The Prestige BB Cream from Skin79!! 

This sample deluxe size is so cute and easy to be carried out for shopping. It covers blemishes perfectly and completes transparent skin tone. 

Besides BB cream, Lip gloss is also perfect for a date or a day out with your girlfriends!

Luview Glossy Kiss is a dual lip gloss that drenches lips in captivating lovely milky pink and sexy rosy pink that’s downright dazzling. -adopted from a beauty blog

Easy to apply! Fancy attractive packaging! AND not too sticky!

After applying Baby Lovely Milky Pink gloss on my lips! Love the texture and it's not too thick!

Ah! I'm really satisfied with the products! Hmmmmmm. Still not being impressed? Keep reading!

  • Various Subscription Plans Available! 
Most affordable monthly subscription for only rm19/month and enjoy using 5 different deluxe samples carefully picked by the ModBox crew each month! 

  • Convenience 
ModBox is bringing your personal beauty counter to you, absolutely fuss-free! Just sit at home and wait for your ModBox delivered to your doorstep every month!

  • Be surprised  
Be absolutely surprised every month because you won't know what are they going to send you! Be amazed
  • Best Gift Ever 
I swear. Girls will definitely be hoping for this! BOYS, if you have no idea what present you should give for your girlfriends, ModBox is here to help you out! JUST SUBSCRIBE AND GET IT FOR YOUR GIRLFRIEND NAO! And yes, you can cancel your monthly subscription anytime!  
HOHOHO, put this wonderful box of beauty skin care products under the Christmas tree and surprise your love ones! Enjoy!  
Your favourite beauty portal online store.   


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