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Post-SPM Shopping Streak Day 2

Made a very last minute decision of going out today because staying at home any longer will probably drive me crazy. I dunno why. Recently I tend to think too much at home, sometimes I feel bored of my life, so sick of my life and shat I'm only seventeen. I know this is quite ridiculous to have such thinking at my age! I remember someday, I suddenly hoped that doomsday really comes this year. Shit me please slap me until I brush off this thought. I'm so fickle and my mood can turn bad for no reason. *Thanks to Teddy Boy who tries his best to cheer me up by hook or by crook every time I feel gloomy, nobody else is going to love me when I'm mad.* 

Smiling like this makes me look thinner because I have a chubby face and I know it.

Oh yeah. I had very limited time to doll up before going out. That's why um, my eyebrows are not trimmed nicely and I tied my hair up because I have no time to curl it or do anything with it HAHA.

Eh they said Korean girls nowadays love chubby cheeks. HAHAHAH. K just trying to comfort myself. T_T
Best friend. ♥
Was so rush and I even forgot to wear my necklace! So mummy lent me hers. :P
OKAY no idea why I posed like this HAHAHA.
Accompanied mummy for her brunch.
Nom Nom Tempura Ramen.
Super casual outfit today! :D
Tribal sweater from H&M, Maroon shorts & Socks from Topshop, Converse.
Mum's outfit hehehe.
Oh yeah. Here's a little part of my Sephora shopping haul. I love Sephora, literally everything in Sephora and I believe Sephora is a piece of heavenly paradise for girls. I love getting presents for friends and family from Sephora, especially during special seasons! I truly, absolutely adore their special gift box cosmetic sets!!!! K I wish I earn more and I can grab more skincare products and cosmetics there. Of course, I would be even happier if you buy presents for me from Sephora HAHAHAH. *just kidding*

So, mummy and I actually spent quite some time in Sephora, looking for our needs. I remember mummy told me about the pros of SK II Facial Treatment Products before. Then I told mum: "Mum, choose a present and I will pay for it." She gave me a suspicious glance and I insisted to buy something for her. I had never really given her some gifts ever since I worked and I recently earned some pocket money from selling beanies and stuffs online. After that I told mum to grab the SK II set that she yearned for and she was so happy that I've grown up. LOLOL.

Little gift for my dearest mummy.
I think my hair really needs this. This brush is really useful as it untangles even the thickest and most hard-to-manage hair!
Cute mummy insisted in giving me a present in return and she bought me this set of lip tint!
Decorations outside Starhill Gallery.

Tea-time in TWG Tea Salon. 
Aw mummy looks so chio in this pic!
Chocolate cake with Vanilla Ice-cream. Super soft and it melts in your mouth! Shared it with mummy because we're not really chocolate lovers.
This piece of cake did not even fill my tummy! Next food hunting destination: The Loaf.

Had never dined in here before. Read Daphne's blog and knew that they actually serve Spaghetti and other main course!

Okay ah, I know I'm chubby so please don't tell me this again. /O\

Ordered a plate of Carbonara to fill my tummy!
Really enjoyed having this because the cream sauce wasn't that heavy like Ben's!
Yay going back to work next week! I can't wait to meet my baby piano there! Come visit me if you're free. ;P
Ending this post! Have a fabulous December!

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