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The girl in the mirror.

We. Live. In. A. Judgemental. World. 

It is inexplicably true that all of us live in a ego-driven, scrutinizing, criticizable and judgemental world. I think literally everyone who is reading this knows the feeling of being judged by others. It feels even more terrible when people discriminate and criticize you with their nasty verdicts. Don't worry, I'm not telling you that I'm being attacked by haters in this post! Well, everyone in this milieu is being judged by anyone. It's actually the matter of how we deal with those haughty or superficial opinions of others. It's also the matter of how we react towards people who judge us. It's either we choose to fight against them by taking an eye for an eye or just remain reticent.

People judge your appearance, the way you speak, the way you dress up yourself, the way you walk, the way you eat and literally everything you do. Don't ask, why people in this world are so mean? I don't think there's an answer for this, not even scientists have the most accurate answer for this. People have the right to judge. It's their own business whether they wanna judge anything about you. We couldn't stop them! However there are ways you can deal with every single mean opinion by others. Here, I'm sharing some of my thoughts! There's no imperative that you must follow what I say, just apply them in your life if you feel that is useful for you! :D

#1 Love yourself. 

I often see people posting tweets or Facebook statuses saying that they're fed up with themselves or they hate themselves. Posting those statuses on any social platforms doesn't really help you to build up your self-esteem. (Note that I'm not saying that it is utterly useless) "I hate myself." and as expected, people will only comment and say, "Hey, cheer up!" and giving all sorts of consolation. But the key point is, YOU. YOURSELF. How you treat yourself and how you see yourself. Everyone in this world deserves to be respected and to be loved. But how can you expect love from others when you don't even love yourself? I mean, if you keep giving nasty comments about yourself, you probably couldn't be expecting that people will love you more. Here comes some judgemental people who will just assume you as a attention seeker when you actually just need consolation from others.

"Oh I wanna kill myself. I wanna die"

What others would probably say, "If you wanna die, just go. Don't be such an attention seeker." 

You got me right? So does this help you to feel better? Does this motivate you to become a better person? Does this tell you that the world is lovely and warm? NO. 

No. The world is not hopeless. I'm just used to people being selfish all the time but I still believe that there's love in the world. We'll definitely meet the right person but we just don't know when. So it's better that WE HELP OURSELVES and expect less from others. Be confident of yourself and be sure that what you are doing brings you a better future. In the midst of struggling for success, you will probably care less about what others say because YOU are busying to strive for achievements and sadly people who judge will need to get a life! At the same time, you're doing a good job by ignoring people who judge you. You're giving them chances to make themselves feel better just by judging you. You're kind enough, to sacrifice yourself in order to let them feel good! Isn't it pathetic that some people will only feel better when they judge others? Well, just let them be! You are still you, the one who is striving hard for achievements.

#2 Ditch the mirror drama
STOP LETTING THOSE NASTY VOICES HAVE POWER OVER YOU. How can we fight back against those hurtful judgements, whether from someone else or ourselves? There's definitely a way, it's called awareness. Being aware of what people say about you. Of course, we should be open-minded towards any opinions if you think that those opinions are actually good for you. But there are times when people like to criticize you unreasonably and there you go, feeling that you're being judged and then you will be brainwashed by what they say. Let's say the same old voice kicks in, when people say "YOU'RE SO UGLY" to shred your self-esteem. When that happens, most of us immediately buy into what it's saying and without realizing, we're actually letting that negativity take us down. Most of us started to believe what they say, and allow those nasty comments to conquer your soul.

But right there, in that moment, we could have a way out of this. We DO have a choice. We can actually pause and analyze what they say. Are you really ugly? Is that your inner voice? Is that how you feel about yourself? If NO, good, let go of those comments and don't ever let them have power over you and shatter your confidence into smithereens. (If YES, YOU THINK YOU'RE UGLY, IT'S OKAY, JUST KEEP READING) Every time you look into the mirror, as soon as you'd hear yourself thinking "I'M UGLY", instead of hating what you saw in the mirror, why not constantly remind yourself that those were people's words, not yours? Remember, you're beautiful in your own way!

Ditching the mirror drama isn't about waiting for someone or something else to make you feel better about yourself. YOU are the one who have the power to control this. YOU are the only one who has the power to stop it. There's no true satisfaction in looking for your self-worth in everyone's opinions. True beauty comes from yourself, your inner soul and from looking at yourself through your own eyes. Now, look into the mirror and you will see the true beauty in the mirror.

#3 Change the way you think
HAHA. It's okay to feel ugly about yourself IF you wanna continue be ugly and impress people by your ugliness. Girls, does saying yourself ugly makes you look prettier or make you feel better? Why torture yourself and insult yourself? Why shatter your own dreams? Why shed your own confidence? Why hide your inner beauty? Negative thoughts have a lot of power. I believe in this. Close your eyes and think back a recent bad day you had. How many times that day you told something mean to yourself? If you keep telling yourself that you look ugly, then that becomes your belief.

So to break this habit of telling yourself something mean, you have to reprogramme your mind and create a command that will stop the flow of these negative thoughts. Say something nice to yourself. Look into the mirror again and tell something positive to yourself. Whatever you say must be always POSITIVE to yourself, in that case, you can only see the good effects of doing so.

Telling the negative thoughts to go away isn't enough! This is because you have to replace them with positive thoughts! There you go, stand in front of the mirror again, not seeking your flaws but to realize what you like about yourself! Just like the negative thoughts, they are contagious as well as the positive thoughts! So why not try something new? Stand in front of the mirror and see what you like about yourself! Come on, don't tell me that you don't like anything about yourself. People say that, appreciating even one feature about yourself can start your mental list of positive thoughts flowing. Thus, you can replace your negative thoughts with all the positive thoughts! :D

#4 Why so serious?
My new mantra, quoted from your favorite star G-Dragon. Sometimes when people throw you mean comments, like seriously, you don't have to retort. For me, I choose to remain unmindful over what they say about me. It's not that I'm scared of what they say. It's because I know what IGNORANCE IS BLISS is. Why spend your time care nasty comments? Why even spend your time fighting back with people who will bring you down to their level? Why not spend more time to improve yourself, make yourself a better person? Why not spend more time with your loved ones? Obviously they deserve more attention from you! Smile and just walk away to those who throw offensive comments to you. Never ever let people bring you down. Remember, don't ever let them have power over you!! Why take their opinions so seriously when you think what they say are not even true? So why so serious?

Remember, you are the one who controls your life.

That's all for this entry. Hope it helps to improve your current situation! Thanks for reading! And I welcome all your suggestions and opinions on how to deal with such problems in life! :D


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