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Voice from the past.


I believe everyone is counting down for 2013. This is so unbelievable! It seemed like it was only yesterday that we welcomed the year 2012, and now here we go, going to greet 2013, in just a blink of an eye.

Everything happens for a reason.

Every single occasion in 2012 happened for a reason. It might turn out to be a lesson for us,something worth remembering, something which made you smile even you're in the most gloomy state or something which made you feel remorseful.

One of the lessons I learned throughout the year is, never regret your past, but rejoice that you don't live there anymore. Everything happens for a reason, so just head up and keep moving on because LIFE GOES ON.

It's undeniably true that 2012 is one of the best years I've had, in spite of all the monthly and trial exams. I've gone through good and bad times during my school life. Good times are, all my classmates had the same goal and thus worked really hard together to achieve it. I could still remember the days when all of us shared study tips with each other and helped each other out. Definitely one of the things worth remembering, isn't it? Well, without the bad, there would be no good! Of course everyone of us have gone through our bad times throughout the year. However, I've learned that it actually isn't the end of our life when bad times happen. They just simply gives us a life lesson and inspire us to be a better person. Literally all my bad times are about my academic studies, well I'm not those witty brains nor those who don't study at all. Pure Science student and never regret of choosing it. There are times when some people asked me, "Did you regret of choosing Science stream?" My answer is, NO. I do not regret. Of course, I've met a lot of adversities throughout the learning progress. Couldn't catch up Add Maths and Physics in the beginning of the year because my foundation was really weak until I chose the right tuition centre! I dunno how to describe my tutor, he's the kind of person who paid his utmost effort in teaching and he'd made studying more interesting. For those who learned Physics should be able to know that it's such a horrible subject lol (I said this as I'm not smart) There's no use when you just blame and complain all the time. (tho I complained a lot) but at the same time, I also tried to understand it, study and seek for help from friends. Bad times also happened when we had endless of monthly exams which made us feel restless and fidget. When you sow, so you shall reap. I've learned that we should never lose hope in our life as there's always a silver lining in the clouds. I'm glad that there's less drama in 2012 as compared to 2011. School days were really happy, accompanied with my classmates and best friends. Less drama = Less disturbance = Less pressure = HAPPY KID. And always remember, do not let anyone to take away your happiness. ;)

Besides school life, I'm glad that I persisted in my job. I never thought I would persist in it since January. I only thought of having some fun then just quit it when I feel bored at the very beginning. Who knows that I've already worked for 10 months!! ( 2 months of holidays because of SPM) And this is definitely something that I should be proud of myself! :3 This is also a year to prove that I've grown up. I used to be a prodigal daughter who nagged my parents for shopping money but this year I spent (on clothes) using my own money from working. Occasionally, I also treat my mum for lunch or buy gifts for her. This is certainly one of the biggest changes I've made this year!!

The K-pop Galvanization. BIG BANG OH MY LOVE. I only started listening to Korean songs this year, all thanks to Big Bang hahaha! For a certain period I was crazy over T.O.P Oh darling he's such a killer isn't he? The crazy OH-MY-TOP fever has um, disintegrated a lil bit but still being dazed whenever I watch the Youtube videos about him. I appreciate them for their awesome music although I dunno what are they actually singing. Well here comes my compunction for not attending their concert this year! Will never miss it again when they come next time! ;3

My blog. My dear blog. My lovely blog. I'm so happy when people tell me that they like my blog. I never expect people to give compliments to my blog because I only thought that my blog is my diary or what. Even get surprised when some readers tell me that my blog is great and reading my blog has become one of their habits. Aw why thank you!! And also, not forgetting to thank all my sponsors!!!! I was elated to receive my first sponsor ever from LaMour during May!!! I feel super lucky when blog shops sponsor me clothes and accessories which you can see in all my sponsored posts. I hope readers will benefit and gain some shopping tips through all my sponsored posts! All in all, I wanna thank every single one of you who reads and supports me all the way. Of course please continue to read my blog and occasionally leave some comments for me, be it a compliment or a judgement lol.

I have written for my school life, working life, blogging life, what else?

Sorry no night life. I don't party at night. :P 

Hmm maybe you can ask me anything you want in my comment box. :D

Don't regret of your past, however you should have the courage to accept it, learn from your mistakes and thus make a change to become a better person. Good luck!

In case you're bored with my wordy post.....:3 


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