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What if Doomsday is coming?

There is a widespread of doomsday on December 21, 2012, which is just 8 days away. Apparently, at least 25 million people in the world think that there will be no Christmas this year. Sounds fearfully sad. I don't really trust what the scientists have proposed about doomsday. I dunno. I never believe in doomsday but more or less I'm feeling a bit scared of this coming apocalypse. I'm thinking..what will the scenery be when every single human being dies together at the same time. The world will be full of darkness and formidable agony.

I remember the conversation on a phone call between Teddy and me last night. All of a sudden he asked me..what will you do if doomsday is really happening? Shit this. He got me stunned for a moment and I paused and I just dunno what to answer. I dunno it's either my brain has nothing to think or there are too much thoughts in it. At last I threw him a really nonsensical and senseless answer. I answered him, um..I will just lie there and die. WTF I think this got him speechless. Well then I asked him the same question and he said the same thing as I did. Oh well, I felt "MEH" and understood his feelings when I gave him such answer. I seriously have to learn how to understand people and talk to people and think from their perspective.

Okay btw..if doomsday is really approaching. I will spend my time with my love ones. My family. I spend most of my time with them, and yes, I will still spend my quality time with them when the grim reaper is creeping up. I acknowledge that I don't really treat my family good enough lately. I've been retorting back a lot..showing up my bad tempers and can't seem to tolerate when anything pisses me off. Mummy often tells me that, every family member will forgive you for what you say, accept you for who you are and still love you for what you did however when you go outside the world, coming in contact with the bloody complicated society, nobody else is going to please you like how your family do. Nobody is going to forgive you for whatever mistakes you have said. Nobody is going to tolerate and put up with your stupid mood swings and yes, people will only keep criticizing. I have to thank my family, for giving me so much love although sometimes I'm not treating them well. Then I remember what mummy said on a night, after we had our dinner. She suddenly mentioned about doomsday and I asked her what will she do the night before doomsday. She laughed and said, happily, HAPPILY YOU KNOW? Ok she said, of course I will spend time with my family, sitting down in the living room and sing Karaoke. OK WTF My mum is such a cute woman. Then daddy was like joining her to sing and they both sing the old classic songs. Witnessing such cute couple makes me feel blissful to live in such a happy home, where my mum and dad are not those usual stereotype of parents. Thank you mum and dad.

A few days before doomsday, I hope I get to pamper myself to the extend where I do everything I love to do. Shopping without having a budget lol. Sounds like an excuse to spend money but IF doomsday is really coming..money doesn't mean anything that time already. Spend it. Die happily and satisfactorily lol. OK please all these happen IF IF IF IF doomsday is REALLY happening okay. Won't be so stupid to buy all the Chanel bags I love and realize that there's actually no doomsday. That time dunno what can feed me unless I eat all the Chanel bags up wtf hahaha. Ok so what do I mean by pampering yourself is, do something which makes you happy. For me, I think I will go hang around to the places I love to go, of course accompanied by boyfriend and family and eat anything I like. Go to spa..do manicure..OH AND TRY DIP DYE!!!! PINK AND PURPLE PLEASE. *living in pinkyland again* Let me die as a pretty fairy with pink and purple hair please. Taking funny photos with Teddy will be such a cheerful thing to do before I die. Or maybe I will go traveling, to Japan (the place I wanna go the most) and Maldives (the place I wanna have my honeymoon trip LOL WTF) and Paris (Always wanted to take a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower!)

At night..I just wish to lie somewhere under the night sky and watch the stars with Teddy. I wish I could sleep soundly in his arms and ignore the rest of the world. Just living in our own world, just he and I...

Actually some of the things mentioned above can be carried out even when there's no doomsday. Doomsday may be a blatant joke but it helps us to realize our dreams and aspirations. Start dreaming and seeking for what your heart really wants. Kthxbai. :D

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