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When flowers turn into a crown.

I've been always imagining myself wearing a crown like a princess. I'm sorry, this is what a "princesswannabe" always thinks. *smirks* No, I mean, I love seeing people wearing crowns not because crowns serve as a symbol of sovereignty but also makes people look more gorgeous than ever. 

For example, Princess Kate Middleton looks even classy and breathtakingly gorgeous than ever with the crown.

I love crowns in jewelry form but I love them even more when they're made up of FLOWERS.

Gorgeous Lana Del Rey in floral crown.
Love this!
This time, I'm so lucky to get an opportunity to try on CuteGrannyVintage's Handmade Floral Crowns. The one I'm wearing as shown in my blog header comes from CuteGrannyVintage! I was really excited to see how would I look like with such beautiful floral crowns, especially they are made of roses! Thus, receiving the parcel from CuteGrannyVintage is one of the greatest pleasures! The floral crowns are made carefully, nicely and with so much of love! Girls who love flowers will definitely utter "awwwwwww" when they see such lovely floral crowns. Believe me.

So, I received a total of 3 floral crowns from CuteGrannyVintage. Two of them are made of tiny white and lilac roses respectively and another one is made up of medium red roses! Took some shots with the floral crowns and now, have a look on them!

Lilac Roses, romantic and beautiful.


Tiny white roses! A little bias to this color and took more shots with it.

 IMG_4858 IMG_4867 

This is the Medium Red Rose Crown!

This one is suitable for photoshoots if you intend to create Floral Princess kind of look. :P

Lilac : http://cutegrannyvintage.blogspot.com/2012/12/h03-mini-lilac-rose-crown.html

White: http://cutegrannyvintage.blogspot.com/2012/12/h02-mini-ivory-rose-crown.html

Red: http://cutegrannyvintage.blogspot.com/2012/12/h09-medium-crimson-rose-crown.html

I actually love this series of photos a lot and this is why I designed a new blog header using one of the photos in this series. Of course, without the floral crowns, I would not be able to create the kind of "princess" look I wanted! Courtesy of CuteGrannyVintage!

Besides floral crowns, CuteGrannyVintage also sells vintage clothes which you would fall in love with! Head over to their blog shop now and choose your favourite pieces and complete your goddess look with your floral crown!

Don't forget that you can also quote "JESSICACHAW" as a discount code and enjoy rm3 offer upon purchasing any of their floral crowns! 

Hope you enjoy this post and happy shopping! 

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