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Have you heard of the KDU Foundation Programme?

Hiiii! Recently, I’ve been doing research on various colleges to find out more about their foundation programme. As a post-SPM student, I definitely have so much time to make up my mind about where should I further my tertiary education and what course should I enroll in the future. God, this isn’t an easy task I swear. I have to make sure that I wouldn’t regret of my once-in-a-lifetime decision. People also have been telling me how important it is to be adamant of my choice. Thus, I attended Edu fairs, did research about colleges and see if I could find anything which caters my interest. 

As a result of my meticulous exploration, I’m quite interested in enrolling for the UNSW Foundation Year Programme at KDU University College. For those who aren’t familiar with KDU, here are some details about this college and also its foundation year programme.

Having been the sole provider over the past 17years, KDU University College prides itself in being able to maintain excellent pass rates. This is also the longest and most established Foundation programme in Australia. I’ve also heard that their stringent entry requirement has been the best yardstick to ensure that students are able to excel in the particular programme. Of course, this continuing legacy of success is contributed by the team of experienced and excellent lecturers. Not forget to mention that these lecturers are trained by their counterparts from Kensington Campus, Sydney. I’m sure that with their capable and professional teaching, students will be able to outshine in their future!

I’ve found that the KDU foundation programme is streamlined into three disciplines; Life Sciences, Physical Science and Commerce. The rationale for such specialization is to ensure that students are trained in these respective areas right from the start of the programme. It is ideal for those who are clear and know their direction from the start. However, it must also be remembered that such specialization does not limit their university choices! 

The group of 8 Universities is ensured that the fundamental subject matter is well covered during the Foundation Year. Coursework and examination allow students to develop other non-academic skills which will be relevant for university education. In that case, the parity of quality between both campuses remains undisputed as the acceptability as a pre university qualification into the Group of 8 has remained a strong. It allows for direct entry into UNSW. The Group of 8 is a consortium of top 8 universities in Australia. This also includes the other Universities in Australia and New Zealand. Universities in the UK and USA have also accepted this entry on a case to case basis. Students who have completed the programme in the past have vouched that they were well prepared for university life.

In my opinion, field trips and camps should be organized by students under close guidance to make studying more interesting. An effective way of studying should not only involve exploring the knowledge through text books but also involve real-life activities which provide real-life experiences. Thus, the KDU Foundation Programme have successfully make studying a more interesting and happy journey all because of the outdoor activities that allow genuine bonding amongst peers and lecturers. It is, therefore, not surprising that many still keep in contact with the lecturers long after the completion of their foundation year here at KDU University College! These are students who are not only able to have an open communication and relate very well as a group but also well prepared and most of all holistic in every way when they are at the threshold of university life.

Recent UNSW Graduation Ceremony. I wanna be one of them!!
KDU University College, a member of the KDU Education Group, is a pioneer and leading provider in the field of private tertiary education since 1983.  The KDU Education Group is a fully integrated education services provider, from primary and secondary, both local and international, through till undergraduate and post-graduate levels and executive and professional development programmes.
The KDU Education Group is the education arm of Paramount Corporation Berhad, a public company that is listed on the Main Market of Bursa Securities Malaysia Berhad and whose diversified business interests include property development and construction.
Anyway, after this thorough research about KDU, I’m already interested in enrolling for the foundation programme! The next step I’m gonna do is tell my parents and peers about this! How about you? :D
For more information about the programmes and activities at KDU University College PJ, call 03-77288123 / 03 7953 6688, email best@kdu.edu.my, or log on to their website at www.kdu.edu.my.

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