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My mum is my BFF

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Alright. One new resolution added: Blog daily.

Of course I couldn't promise that I will blog every day but I will definitely blog as long as I have something to share with y'll!!

So how's your new year so far?

Mine is still pretty relaxing because I have no more schooling days. No more waking up at 6am. No more wearing my uniform. I can just sleep until anytime I want without being afraid of schooling or working. How awesome!

Anyway, can anyone guess what I intend to blog today based on my title of this entry? :3

Well. Everyone has been telling me that they're so envious of my relationship with my mum. If you read my blog constantly, you can actually know that I often spend my time going out with my mum. Most of the "outing" blog posts are about my mum. And my mum.....is my BFF! So in this post, I'm going to blog about how I get along with my mum so well and probably some tips for you! I'm not sure whether the tips work on you but if you think it's applicable, just practice it in your daily life! :D

Hmm I should blog from my early adolescence years.

When I was in primary school stage.
My mum was a strict woman when I was a primary school student. She guided me and taught me a lot because she always expects the best from me. Best time is I got number 2 in my class when I was SEVEN years old HAHAHA. And of course not number 2 anymore until the competitors were getting more and more. As I said, mummy had high expectation on me so she would castigate me whenever I got less than 80% in my exams. I was only a kid so I followed whatever she said that time hahaha. Although there are times when I cried a lot from her castigation, I still appreciate the way she taught me. Without her training, I would be so lazy to study. Without her motivation, I would not realize how important it is to study well. Ended my primary school stage with good results in my UPSR exam. Thank you mummy.

When I was in high school stage.
In the growing process, every teenager might go through a stage known as "The rebellious stage". I dunno whether you have gone through it or not but it depends on the individual. Okay I was quite a good kid but yes, I've gone through my rebellious stage too! What I mean by rebellious is I started to retort my parents, especially with my mum. The more my mum scolds me, the more rebellious I am. My rebellious stage happened when I was 14 or 15 years old I guess. I was so rude to mummy. I always blamed her for scolding me. But of course I did not abandon my studies (still maintain in A classes) Just that I hated my mum for demanding too much on me. There were times when she threw her temper on me, criticized about the smallest matter and I just retorted her. I actually have the same personality as my mum: INTRACTABLE. We are stubborn like shit and always refused to compromise. We could not tolerate with each other. I still remember when I was 15 years old, my mum gave me a real unforgettable lesson. She scolded me for using my phone too much and advised me to study more for pmr, there, I was obstinate and retort her with my so-called reasons. She couldn't bear with me anymore. She even slapped me and called me get out of the house to do reflection. Sounds so serious isn't it? My rebellious stage always involved world war with my mum. There were times that I hated her so much and I just didn't want to talk with her. How uncouth I was.

How did I get along with her after that?
As we grow up, our level of maturity should highly be enhanced. When we were kids, we did not really know how to differentiate between what's good and what's bad. All we wanted was freedom, freedom and freedom. All we wanted was not to be annoyed by our parents who loved us so much. So after so many of "world wars" with my mum, I calmed myself down and did reflection. Why did I behave like an uneducated person? Why were I so impolite to her? I started to pause and mince. So whenever my mum scolded me, I told myself to tolerate with her. That was my thinking in my early stage.

As time goes by, I finally acknowledged the importance of communication. Why did fights happen? This is all because people lack of communication.

Our relationship became even better when we communicate with each other. We started to discuss about everything, from my academic studies to my love life. Undoubtedly true that she is the angel sent from above, guiding me to a better future in life. During our outings, we shared shopping tips, styling tips, way to spend rationally together. She is not only my lovely mummy, but also my best friend!

So how to communicate?
As a child, we must always think maturely. Think of why did our parents scold us? It's surely that they won't castigate us for no reasons, isn't it? There must be something wrong with us which caused them to criticize us. We should always be open-minded and prepare to accept their opinions to us. I believe in this, our parents will never ever abandon us when the rest of the world would. They do everything not for themselves but for our bright future. No parents in the world would like to see their children fizzle out in their future. Why did our parents bug us to study well now? All because of our future! It's pathetic when I see people posting Facebook status saying that they hate their parents for being so annoying. I mean shit you. Your parents tried so hard to earn a living and fend for your fees, hoping that you will get better grades and get a better job in the future...and meanwhile you're taking all for granted. Imagine, what if your children treat you the way you treat your parents now? How would you feel?

I'm glad that my mum isn't the usual stereotype of mother lol. Okay well, most importantly I know what she wants and she knows what I want. We're literally soul sisters haha! My mum turns extra friendly since I was 16 years old. When I fair badly in my exams, she would not criticize me anymore. On the contrary, she motivated me to study harder. My mum supported me for everything. And of course, when she was in a bad mood, she would demand unreasonably hahah. I would tell her nicely that, "Mum, actually I did all the housework before you came back, just that I left that one little part. Maybe next time you can praise me for effort first before you scold me for the little undone part." My mum is open-minded. She accepted my point of view and some more she thank me for reminding her how to be a better mummy. I love her because she accepts what others tell her. She doesn't have the thoughts like, kids should follow whatever the older says. Kids are not allowed to give opinions. She also told me that we're all grown up and should be able to think by now. We should know how to take care and protect ourselves without causing our parents to worry about us anymore.

The best way of communication is, both parties are open-minded and willing to accept opinions from each other. Throw away our intractable thoughts sometimes and listen to the advices. Who knows we might benefit much more from it?

Good luck! ♥

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