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My opinion towards the Singlish language.

Good morning earthlings!

Do you notice the common use of Singlish terms on blogs or any social media platforms nowadays?

FYI, this Singlish language has no equivalence to English Language at all but they are often used to spice up our sentences or help to convey our messages in a more expressive way. Anyway, our country is a multiracial society so the creation of this language has become widespread and ubiquitous amongst us.

Here are some examples of the Singlish language like,
"Eh, you don't wanna go to school meh?" "I dunno lah" "I think he is going to school bah." "You siao ah?"

One question: Do you actually find them interesting, annoying or you have no opinion towards them?

In my opinion, I think they can be used on blogging but not too much. This is my opinion by the way. Sometimes I would use them during blogging because I actually find them quite useful in establishing a more affable kind of writing. It feels like I'm having a normal conversation with my readers, thus enables me to connect with my readers more during blogging. Instead of using formal language all the time, I think it's advisable to use some of the Singlish terms during blogging. Using Singlish terms has been introduced to us since we were young, so it's actually inevitable while we are having conversation with our peers, friends or family. Though the usage of Singlish terms are quite interesting sometimes, I don't think it's good to be used EXCESSIVELY. One or two sentences with Singlish terms are preferable for me but a whole passage of Singlish terms are really disagreeable for me sometimes, for instance, "Eh, I think ah, we shouldn't go there lor cuz it's damn boring la, you dunno de meh?" LOL I wonder how do you feel when you read that kind of sentences ALL THE TIME.

Well of course, some of you might find it really annoying while you come across with all the improper English words on blogs. Perhaps, you would feel that the blogger has no English standard, incomprehensible to a speaker of standard English or you just simply think that people should stop using them for god's sake.

However, the usage of Singlish words can easily give the impression of "Broken English" to someone. If you are trying to give a good impression to others, you can avoid using misspelled English words, for example, use "Already" instead of "oreddy", "Like that" instead of "lidat", "Also" instead of "oso", "Or not" instead of "anot", etc.

Anyway, since the blog is yours, you definitely have the right to write anything you want. Blogging is an informal hobby so the usage of Singlish terms doesn't really matter actually. It all depends on your point of view! If you think that using Singlish terms during blogging is one of your unique features, just continue with it as long as you like it. :D

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