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New year, new job.

Old pic taken a few days ago. x) 

The 6th day of January, 2013.

Still, couldn't really accept the fact that I'm already eighteen years old lol. You know what. Yesterday I was being asked how old am I, without doubt, I said OH I'M SEVENTEEN. And then I paused and said, oops nope I'm eighteen.....meh. Seriously time doesn't wait for anybody so we must make sure that we live our daily life with something meaningful. ^_^

Anyway, anyone still remember my new year resolutions? If you don't, it's okay because those resolutions are mine, not yours, so I don't expect you to remember all of them HAHA. So I actually mentioned about "TRYING NEW THINGS" this year. That resolution will only be a blatant joke if I did not try to do anything on it!

Actually, I was searching for a part time job a few days ago. The job-hunting-spirit never fades even when I go out for shopping. Then I actually went into a few shops and asked for job opportunities, most of them called me to fill in the form and said they will contact me shortly. Well then, I'm afraid that shops in Pavilion won't probably hire me because I'm not officially eighteen yet. Well you know, this is one of the rules for some shops, like Topshop.

There are several reasons why I wanna work.

Certainly, I work because I wanna earn more pocket money to buy more clothes lolol. Ostensibly, I don't only work for money but also for more working experiences. And then, I probably have nothing to do until I got my SPM results and wait for May intake.

Okay then, I received a call, from the supervisor when I was having my dinner. It sorta surprised me because I don't expect them to call me in only 2 days. I was bewildered when the supervisor asked me if I could start my job next Monday (which means tomorrow)! Without further ado I confirmed with her.

Well after the call ended, I felt overwhelmed. My parents are having mixed feelings I guess. They feel happy for me and at the same time, they worry because I've not worked for such long hours before, some more I have to stand for the whole day. T_T okay I should be happy right. Then my mum teased me and said, I will see how long you can endure from your work. Well, I wish I persevere until I found a better job with higher pay heheh.

SO now, I'm working from Monday to Sunday. I will be working as a sale assistant at Pavilion on weekdays (Not going to tell you which store FIRST unless you see me tomorrow) and will continue to work as a pianist as usual on weekends.

My goodness.

Here comes my intense life. 

Here comes my humming busy life. 

Bad news is I don't think I can blog daily like how I used to be but I will blog as long as I have free time.

Wish me luck!