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Ranting about my new job.


Woke up at 6.16am. Special thanks to my mum who switched on the lights, switched off my fan and ironed her clothes boisterously. I mean, can't she just iron the clothes without yelling my brother to wake him up? It's not like I can sleep until whenever I want to wake up NOW. pfffffffffffft.

Here's a lil' update for my NEW JOB.

There's only one word to describe it, BORING. Oh my goodness you probably couldn't imagine how I passed my time there. Every morning I have to reach there at 9.45am, which means I MUST head out from my house at 9am sharp otherwise I will be late because of the massive traffic congestion early in the freaking morning. Everyone is going to work that time so even the SMART Tunnel could be congested. Freak?

I was quite nervous yesterday because I was afraid that I would be late for my work. It was my first day so I really hope that I would give a good impression to them. And then daddy accompanied me to Pavilion from Sungei Wang. We literally ran there and by the time I reached the store, I was hyperventilating. -_- Then the supervisor welcomed me to join the team and introduced some of the staffs to me.

I worked at morning shift, which means 10am until 8pm. Actually there's nothing I can do there besides doing the housecleaning every morning. After that, I just spent my time standing in the store, waiting for customers to come and to be served. Sounds relaxing isn't it? I don't have to run here and there like I'm working in a sushi restaurant. But freak. Don't say it's relaxing. Besides boring, it's super exhausting. -_-

Girl in black. -_- 
My working suit....and can anyone guess where the place is? :3 

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OK firstly I'm not allowed to sit during my working hours but one of the senior staffs told me that could rest for 5 to 10 minutes in the room if I were really tired. And you know what, there's a CCTV inside the rest room for staffs. That means, they can see everything you do inside the room. Let's say you sleep or rest for more than 10 minutes in the room, you would probably get scolded. So yesterday I didn't really dare to enter the room unless I want to drink my water. -__-

OK and then I repeat, it's not as relaxing as what you thought because I'm not allowed to play my phone during working hours. T_T Imagine what else I could do besides standing there like a piece of freaking wood ok. I miss Teddy. I miss scrolling Instagram, Twitter and Facebook whenever I want. I miss the freedom I possessed.

So I could just stare at those beautiful bags, luxury shoes every single day. Wa by the way, I actually admire their shoes long time ago. Their shoes cost at least rm1k! And they don't sell any clothes so there are no clothes for me to fold or iron. I need something to do to kill time, seriously. Now I just hope they will order me to do more so that the time could pass quickly......

During lunch time, Teddy purposely came all the way just to visit me. My break time is only one freaking hour but why one hour passed so quick when I was with him. T_T By the way I missed him so bad after he left I literally cried in the staff room for a minute or so.  -_- 

When I got back home last night, I was undeviatingly dead that I lied on the floor, kissing the floor. How good it is to lie on the floor without thinking much. Later my dad then asked me if I still wanna continue my job on the next day. For a moment I really wanted to resign because I don't think this kind of job suits me. But then I actually thought that why not I try for one whole month first? Then if I really don't like the job that time, I will just take my first month's salary and quit.

Don't care la.

I believe that it would be a better day today. 囧

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