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Ridiculously, I....

For those who wanna visit me during my working hours, you're not welcomed.

HAAHAHA not kidding.

So actually I resigned.. -_______- I know what is on your mind right now. Maybe some of you might be thinking that isn't it ridiculous? Quit job when I have only worked for 2 days?

Well. It sounds a bit ridiculous somehow. Howevr I don't think I have made the wrong decision. I mean, the environment is nice enough actually but it's just not the kind of job I wanted. I know right you can tell me that "You should try to adapt to new surroundings"

I was trying very hard to. But I really couldn't bear standing whole day long, doing nothing. -_- As usual I did housekeeping and cleaned the store in the early morning. I tried to do slowly and carefully this time so that I won't be bored to stand there. Then after that I even wipe the glasses and all (which is not included in my job scope at all) But I have no choice. I rather choose to have something to do instead of rotting there. -__- After I finished wiping it was only 12.30pm.

The supervisor did not inform me about when is my break time until one of the colleagues asked her. Then she told me that I can only have 30 minutes of break time today. -_- 30 minutes? As if the food court is not packed? As if the chefs don't have to cook the food? As if I can gobble the food in 3 minutes? Then I asked her if there's additional salary for this sudden change or could I leave 30 minutes earlier but she said no. Well...how do you feel? Maybe it's just me who felt unfair..

Anyway, the job wasn't bad after all. I mean, the environment is clean and the staffs are quite helpful too. Moreover, I've learned that being a sale assistant isn't an easy peasy job, not forget to mention once again, earning money isn't as easy as what I think. That's why we shouldn't take our parent's money for granted and waste them on unnecessary stuffs (unless you earn money yourself and spend I have nothing to say la. Also unless your parents are billionaire they wanna give you the money Well good luck in your future then!)

Well I will definitely continue searching a more suitable job for myself.

Never lose hope.


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