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So I had my first driving lesson..

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I couldn't believe that I had my first driving lesson a few days ago.

It was astounding.

I've been yearning to drive since I was 16 years old, I always blamed my mum for not willing to fetch me to places I want HAHAHA, thus I always ranted on that matter. I never thought that this day would come so quickly, I mean, I thought I still have a long way to go until I can learn driving..In a blink of an eye,I've had my first driving lesson and most my friends already got their driving license lollll. Even Teddy boy had passed his driving test yesterday! Congrats to him. ♥

So I had my first driving lesson. I thought it was supposed to be very tensed up and nervous shit but it turned out quite fun!! My instructor is a middle-aged lady, the way she speaks could be quite harsh for some people but I think she is quite humorous. At first, I thought I would be learning driving at the driving school but it surprised me when she fetched me to a random place in Taman Midah to learn driving.

Then she explained the basic equipments of a car to me. Explanations weren't really convincing until I got to try to drive on my own. No wonder people say 'actions speak louder than words' lol. I mean, I could only fully understand what was she trying to convey when I got to drive. Then the first thing she ever taught me was how to control the clutch and the acceleration pedal.

Next I learned how to turn the sterling and practiced U-turns for many rounds. She said that I couldn't control the sterling well and my hand position was right when I turned the sterling right however wrong when I turned it left lolllll. But I was not affected by all her negative comments, all I did was try to fix the problem and treat her comments like jokes. whysoserious. Then I succeeded.

After rounds and rounds of practicing the basic movements, she then instructed me to drive on road. O.O I was like, um are you serious? Driving on the realllllll streets on my first driving lesson?!? She pat on my shoulder and said NO PROBLEM LA I'M WITH YOU. My goodness then I drove according to her instructions and I couldn't believe that I was really driving on busy streets like Jalan Hang Tuah, Jalan Pudu, Jalan Petaling Street. She was supposed to be more nervous than me because she risked her life calling a new beginner to drive on the roads lolll but she turned out to be really chill and relaxed, sitting beside me and still being able to chit-chat with me lol. Does that mean my driving skills aren't bad at all? HAHAHA! Aiyo I just imagined myself like Jay Chou in his movie, Initial D la. Turning the sterling like how he did. Even my instructor told me that I have the 'pattern'. But excuse me, I don't have the exact skills actually because sometimes I still couldn't step on the pedal using the appropriate strength. Then sometimes I tend to step on it too harsh and the engine sounded superb cool *vroom vroom*...The cars around me were probably afraid of this new driver AHAHAHA.

Well. My whole driving lesson was superb fun and I managed to drive home myself, of course with my instructor's patient accompaniment hahahah.

I will be having my second lesson today and I can't wait to learn new things from her...probably will be learning parking and things I should know on the roads, etc. Wish me luck! ;)

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