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Welcome 2013

Oh hai!!! How was your countdown night? I bet many of you partied till late night with friends or family to welcome the brand new year 2013! As for me, I stayed at home for the entire day because I have expected all the shopping malls to be really swarming. Luckily Teddy Boy came over to accompany me till we countdown. So this is the first time my family and I countdown with him! My 2012 life is complete! -♥

2013 is knocking at our door! In this brand new year, what are you hoping for? What do you want to be? What are your aspirations?

Last year, my expectations were all set to my academic studies, all dedicated to studies due to SPM. However this year I don't have to look forward to SPM anymore (maybe should look forward to SPM Results) One of my new year resolutions is to decide what to study in my tertiary education. God damn it I'm still being vague, being so indecisive for everything! :(

Yes right, many people have told me that I should go for what I really like. The problem is I don't have any specific interests LOL. How pathetic. My friends have all chosen their paths and probably they can foresee their future already by now. Or maybe I can see what they are going to be. Lawyers. Doctors. Pharmacists..Whoa, our future professionals. While presaging what others could be, why not I decide on my own life first?

First day of 2013 and despairingly I'm doing nothing today. Other than eating, watching TV shows, reading my novel, I have literally nothing else to do. Awful shit. At this moment, I'm looking for part time jobs. I think it's time to indulge in some busy work, getting busy (at the same time getting paid) would sound much interesting than sitting in front of my comp, scrolling lame Facebook and doing nothing beneficial. It's quite contradictory isn't it? We complain when we are super busy with our endless work, restless studies and all. On the other hand, we grumble about how boring we are when we have time to relax ourselves.

So here are my summarized New Year Resolutions for 2013: 
1) Find a better part-time job (with higher pay teehee) before I get into college
2) Earn more
3) To enhance my communication skills 
4) Get organized 
5) Love more, judge less
6) To control my temper 
7) Try something new!
8) Face new challenges daringly, optimistically. 
9) Persevere in my aspirations 
10) Make my blog more interesting :3

Maybe there will be a Vlog in my next post so stay tuned!

Last but not least, 


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