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What girls want from boys.

Hello! It's a bit peculiar because at some point the inspiration of blogging as what my title says strikes me. I dunno, maybe this inspiration comes from the novel I just read, which is about love and romance.

Guys, you just have to know that GIRLS are complicated. They say no when they mean yes. They say I'm okay when they're actually depressed like shit. However it isn't hard to understand girls when you are mindful over them. So today I'm sharing some of my thoughts about what girls want from their boyfriends.

Once you are attached, NEVER EVER flirt with others except your girlfriend.This doesn't mean that you have to build up a wall and avoid yourself from talking to girls but just don't cross over the line and take your girlfriend for granted. Don't ever lie. You dunno how hurtful it is and how a single lie can break her heart. Girls get jealous easily because they care about you and the relationship. Do not flirt with other girls just to make them jealous, you're ruining the relationship if you do this. It's true that sometimes girls like to maximize a tiny problem and make a big deal out of small things. Yea some girls are really sensitive, they hate it once you talk to other girls then quarrel with you over trivial matters. Girls can be a real professional spy, they could find out everything they want to know about you by hook or by crook. So, it's not surprising if they found out your conversation with other girls. Guys, just tell them honestly and tell them more about the conversation. Let them know what is actually going on because girls tend to think much even on the tiniest thing on earth. A girl just wants to find a guy who will prove to her, that they're not all the same.

Tell her "I love you" only when you mean it. Saying without actions are meaningless. What I mean by actions is, show her how much you love her. Besides telling her that you love her, do something. Girls definitely love it when you give compliments. Guys, by just telling them "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL" can definitely make her day and make her simper all day long. Look into their eyes and tell them that you like their hairdo, dress or makeup for the day. Well this is what Teddy always does to me. I mean he is really cute because he just gives compliments to me whenever he sees me. Sometimes he says something like this, "Well I know this is annoying and I've repeated it many times, but you look really beautiful/ you look like an angel." HAHA, isn't it lovely?

Hold her hand/ hug her from behind. I'm sure that girls love it when boys hold their hands as long as she is with you. It's actually one of the actions you can do to show her that you love her. Guys, be the one who holds her hand first. It's sweet when you hold their hand tight as if you are never going to let her go. In this case, girls will feel more secure and of course, happy. Let your hands give her that sense of warmth, that sense of love that you might not be able to express through words. Hugs are nonetheless the best medicine for girls. When they feel down, all they need is your hug. Hugging her from behind isn't only lovely but it certainly makes girls feel more secure and safe in your arms.

Make her your priority in your life. Obstinately girls feel super good when you just make them your priority. It's easy to make girls happy, like texting her first or reply her texts immediately. I know right some guys can be really inattentive when it comes to online games to the extent of neglecting their girlfriends / anyone around them. It makes girls sad when they know that you care about online games more than you care about them. It makes her feel that she isn't being reciprocated when you reply short texts while they send you a long message. What girls hate really much is short replies like, "Ok", "haha", "I see...". SHIT YOU. Of course, girls should somehow give guys their freedom of playing online games but guys should be aware and do not cross over the line! Even you're busy, you should send her morning and good night messages or give her a quick morning call to let her know that they are on your mind and they are the only person you think of. Tell them you miss them as often as possible because girls will actually never get bored of it! Moreover, girls like it when you try to spend most of your time with them. Teddy always finds his way to accompany me during his break time no matter how the weather is or how tired he is. I always feel his effort and his love when he tries his very best to see me even only for that half an hour..It also makes me feel warm and blissful when he even ran here on a rainy day. Thank you love.

Surprise her even if it's just an ordinary day. Giving her an unexpected surprise will definitely make her smile. Actually you don't have to buy something expensive, they actually love whatever you make for them, even a little special card. I found that making cards with your doodles can be really cute and meaningful because you spend your time doing it for your special one and girls of course should know how to appreciate it. Or you should understand what your girlfriend likes and tries your best to get it for her..She will definitely love you to the bits!

Be proud to have her. It's a major turnoff when you can totally be oblivious of your girlfriend while you're with your friends. It's disheartening when you let go of her hand immediately when you see your friends coming. What? And why? Does that mean that you are trying to hide your relationship with her? You should proudly introduce her to your friends instead of being afraid that your friends will laugh at your relationship. It gives her security and makes her feel that she is someone important in your life when you introduce her to your friends or family.

Understanding each other is the key to a healthy relationship. Spend your time understanding her. Communication is freaking important to make things work in a relationship and often arguments are the worst sort of conversation. Arguments happen most of the time when both parties do not understand each other well. Of course, it takes time to understand a person's personality or interest. Girls like giving hints and it's important for guys to get their hints. When they eye on something for a long time and it's affordable for you, do not ask them "You like it? Wanna get it?" Shut up and just buy it for her. Guys have to be aware of girls' expression on certain things sometimes! Also understand her for her fickle mind, never leave her alone when she is sad. Just make sure that you're always there for her and listen to her anytime.

One last important key:


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