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A random video.

Hey all lovelies, 

As usual, I went to help my daddy out in his shop today. After I've finished all the stuffs he called me to, I randomly recorded videos of myself. I dunno but this random thought just popped out on my mind and it'd been quite some time since I last uploaded a video to my YouTube Channel. And in this video, I did not speak, merely showing some totally random expressions and a quick view of my #ootd. 

In this video, I'm wearing studded denim top from Topshop and a pair of starlight tights from Iwearsin.com. (Wearing my Birkenstock sandals but I didn't show it in this video! :p) The entire outfit was not really special but comfortable! 

Furthermore, I did put the camera nearer to my face so that you can see my chubby or whatsoever face hahahaha. Anyway my makeup was darn simple and I actually recorded a video of myself introducing my simplest daily makeup routine but well I don't think I will upload it. (Unless some of you request haha!) 

Well, I'm currently reading fashion blogs and they really inspired me with their extraordinary style! I guess that's all for this random blog entry, will update real soon till I thought of what kind of topics to blog. Of course you can suggest me some of the new topics to blog about too! 


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