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First Day of Lunar Month.

First of all, Happy Chinese Snake Year to everyone! Wishing you to have a prosperous and auspicious one! ♥

Woke up with a pretty good mood, I have a strong insinuation that it will be a great day ahead. Quickly, I got up from bed and headed to the kitchen and check if anything I could help out because my mum was preparing breakfast for us early in the morning. Well she's great in cooking I must say!

After we had our breakfast, we quickly dressed up ourselves in new clothes, oops, it's supposed to be new RED shirts. Well, we're typical Chinese who trust that wearing red will bring us fortune, prosperity and luck! I got myself a new burgundy red color top from Zara and that is the only red shirt I have! :P

Getting my red packet from mummy and I wished her to be prettier and younger hahahah! 

With Aunty Mun. ♥

So many snacks to eat!!! Anyone wants? :3 

My cute family wanted a mini photoshoot so yeap, Baby Five is here to save the day! ^_^ 


Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! The morning was filled with love and cheerful laughter!



Can see how enthusiastic I am in my selca pics! :p

With granny!

Wishing granny to be in the pink of health all the time! 

My family and I are not going back to hometown this year..so we decided to celebrate our first day of CNY at Pavilion with grandma. Surprisingly the mall was not as empty as what we thought because we thought many Chinese have headed back to hometown instead of staying in town. I guess many families are celebrating their CNY at K.L like us too!

I guess I'm in the perfect mood for selca todayyyyyy so sorry for spamming y'll my vain pics! x) 

My super tall bro and daddy!

Daddy and I. Dad Y U NO wear red today?! :P


I think mummy's outfit is quite cute, the pinkish apparels made her look so young! :3


Last but not least, a group pic of the happy family.

Well, how's your first day of Chinese New Year? :)


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