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Giveaway Results.

Did my first giveaway ever in my blog a few days ago and readers were required to answer a simple question in order to win the iPhone casing from me! Honestly, I'm really delighted to read all the comments and I swear, each and every one of it made my day so I wanna say THANK YOU to all of you!!! To be frank I didn't really expect to gain admiration or support from anyone in the first place, in the very beginning I started blogging. I thought nobody was going to read all the things I wrote, nobody was ever going to care about my whatsoever personal life haha!

All in all, I just wanna say, 

Thank you for loving me and my blog. 

Okay, I'm trying to cut down all the craps and proceed to the main motive of this blog entry!! As promised I'm going to give away an iPhone casing (sorry la, not something valuable nor expensive) to one of my lucky readers. And seriously, all the comments are very touching and they made me really happy and I was on cloud nine reading all of them!!!


To be honest (again), I really appreciate each and every one of them but I had quite a hard time picking the winner. Choosing the best among all is so "torturing" as I think everyone of them deserve to win lol. So to be fair, I let Random.org's generator to help me out!!!!!!

I think you're probably getting eager to know the results after all my craps. So enough of them already, I guess. Well, the winner goes to...........*drum rolls*


Congratulations Mandy!!! *pops confetti* (Please check your email once you see this!!!)

On the other hand, I apologize to those who did not win this time but I promise, there will be more giveaways in my blog in the coming days!!!!

That's all for now and I hope y'll will still love me and support me for who I am. Thank you. ♥