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How do you know when you're in love?

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Falling in love with someone is irrepressible but HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN YOU'RE IN LOVE? I'm blogging this based on my personal experience, well, just sharing! :P

I'm not sure whether you have experienced the same but here are several common signs to know that you're in love or you have had feelings for someone!

You want to know everything about them.
No doubt, when you like someone, you will constantly think about them. And then you started to become a "spy", wanting to know everything about them such as what are their hobbies, what are their favorite movies, what do they like to eat, what kind of music do they listen to, etc. 

You found yourself blushing and simpering when you see them. 
When you like someone,  you tend to get very embarrassed when you see them. You get butterflies in your stomach when you caught them peeping at you but you pretend to look around instead of saying "hi" to them like how you do to your friends. However, you're feeling happy deep down in your heart!

You can't help but keep noticing their every single move.
When they are around you, you can't help but just pay more attention to their every single move. You think their smiles are the cutest in the world and HOPE they will smile at you in that way too! 

You discuss everything about them with your best friend. 
You will tell your best friend how handsome that guy is, how cute he is when he smiles, how cool he is when he dances BUT deny that you actually like the guy. When your best friend teases you about him, you get embarrassed and keep saying "No lah, I don't like him but just think that he's cute"

You feel jealous every time they talk with another opposite gender. 
Admit this. Sometimes you think it's ridiculous to feel jealous when they are not even yours, it's uncontrollable when you feel jealous. You hope they will talk you often, sit beside you instead of sitting with others. You hope they only pay attention on you but not the others.

You can't help but feel super elated when they text you. 
Getting their phone number is super exciting but it's undoubtedly true that receiving their texts feels more astonishing! You feel really excited when they text you, you reply them immediately when they text you and eager to get their replies! Moreover, YOU HOPE THAT THE CONVERSATION WILL NEVER END.

You read their texts over and over again. 
You appreciate their texts, especially the long ones. You read them over and over again with a smile on your face and you feel reluctant to delete their texts (unless your phone has no storage for messages anymore!)

You add them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter. 
To keep track of their latest news, following them on all the social media platforms is probably the best way because it doesn't require you to ask them personally in real life. I mean, it's definitely easier to keep abreast of their news on Facebook/Twitter instead of asking them "Hey how are you?" in real life (perhaps it will be awkward!) You start browsing their pictures, checking their info and get super excited when they're online. You just don't wanna miss a chance to talk with them!  

You are being really attentive when you hear their names.
You get really mindful when people talk about them. For instance, when you hear their names from your friend's conversation, you will be really curious to know what are your friends discussing about them! "Hmm what are they talking about him!" "omg, is my friend having a crush with him too?"

You will make sure you look good physically when they are around. 
Well most of the girls will make sure they look good physically and dress up nicely if their crush are around. They probably don't wanna end up looking like a piece of unattractive and ugly shit when they see their crush. I mean, keeping a good image is also one of the ways to gain attention from your crush!

You think of them when you read all the love quotes. 
All the love quotes remind you of them. You'll start picturing you and your crush being in love, holding hands together and dating each other. You can't think of anyone else but just THE ONE YOU LIKE when you come across with all the tweets about relationships.

I guess I've listed out all the common signs and I would really like to hear your comments or opinions! Last but not least, thanks for reading!

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