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How to move on and get over your ex.

"Hey honey, are you okay?" 

"I think..this isn't working on me anymore.." 

"What? You wanna break up?" 

"Sorry..but yeah.." 

Break-ups are common in most of our relationships. Many of us have to deal with being dumped at some point in life. I swear, the feeling of being dumped is tremendously terrible. At some time you just feel like hiding under your blanket and crying all day long. You are spiritless, anguished and morose because you thought the person you trusted will never leave you.

Recently, I came across with some shocking news about people committing suicide because of heartbreaks and relationship problems. I believe all these news are bombshells for all people around the world as none of us can expect such endings from them. Why commit suicide when you are being dumped? I'm sure that committing suicide will not help to solve any problems but will definitely create more problems, not only for yourself but also for your family members and all the people around you.

Sometimes, things could be quite unpredictable but we have to know that people enter our life for a reason, it's either for a lesson or a blessing for us. Moving on and getting over from your old relationship ain't easy and it surely takes a long time to get over it when you actually loved them really much and you were so devoted into the relationship. Many people would say, "You don't know how much I loved him. No one can ever replace him..and I just simply want him back in my life." Listen, I know it's gonna be hard to get over him but please do remember that you always deserve a better one!

I personally have gone through break-ups before and I know, the feeling of being jilted sucks. It feels even worse as if someone had stabbed my back with a sharp knife when the breakup comes out-of-a-blue.  Sometimes, you just couldn't expect what's coming and what will happen next. Losing someone you loved, watching them leave you away and realizing they will not return anymore leave your heart an excruciating and unbearable pain.

Learning how to let go your ex is important so that you can take care of yourself, make your life a better one by walking out of devastation and misery! Here are some tips I would like to share on how to get over your ex. (I also got inspiration from some articles in Google!)

Control your mind, push him off your mind. This is probably the hardest things to do in the first few weeks or even months after you broke up with him because you were used to have him around with you all the time, then he abruptly left you and you had lost someone to count on. Surely, it's gonna be a hard time. It's gonna be tough but you have to face the fact, accept it and constantly remind yourself that it's over. It's really vital to control your emotions and try not to let them conquer your mind. If you keep reminding yourself of him, you will just deliver more and more sad messages to your brain. All you have to learn is, trying to put the relationship down. Delete the photos with him..delete all the conversations which would likely to remind you of him..put away all his belongings..and stay away from connecting him.

No, he doesn't worth my tears. Yes, if he left you without a sound, without a considerable reason, he definitely doesn't worth your tears, he isn't the one who can take care of your heart. He can leave you behind while he, himself, soaking in paradise so why can't you? He chose a new life, why can't you? I believe, the end of a relationship doesn't mean the end of your life, somehow it simply means that that's only the end of a chapter of your life and yes, you're granted a new beginning, an entire new chapter of your life again!

Don't torture yourself, make yourself better, show him! A lot of girls torture themselves by cutting down their appetite so that they can lose weight and end up looking like someone who has anorexia or some of them even cut their own flesh to hurt themselves. They wanted to show how pitiful they are so that their ex would feel guilty for leaving them. No, you're wrong. Your ex will never feel guilty for making you like that, instead they will look down on you more, even jeer at your stupidity of making yourself like that. Girls, chins up and make yourself look better than previous. Show him your best by making yourself prettier! He should be the one who regrets, but definitely not you. He should be the one who reproach himself for dumping you. Stop torturing yourself and start with all the positive thoughts to do more positive things which are beneficial to you.

Never lose hope on yourself. No matter how hard the process is, never lose hope. Yes, perhaps it's gonna be a painful process but you just have to keep trying! Just face the grief and cry out loud, vent your feelings out but remember to move on after all these. You have to believe that you WILL get over him. You must remember that you WILL recover from all the pains you've gone through. Besides, you have to love yourself more than you love him. Appreciate your features and if it's necessary, you can make a list of things you like about yourself because sometimes, emotional people would tend to condemn themselves for not being good, fun or more intelligent in their previous relationships. Now, brush off all the destructive thoughts and start with the positive ones!

Accept it as a lesson. Every relationship is significant and it gives us a lesson after all. Your ex is an example of the kind of person you wouldn't wanna meet again. So next time, you will never find someone like your ex anymore, instead you will find a better one. In fact, we learned and we experienced from every single relationship.

Talk to your family or your friends. Don't keep all the misery to yourself, sometimes you have to share it with your family and friends. You'll feel better when someone is there to help you out or be your listener all day long. Don't think that you have lost the world when being dumped, your family is still here for you, so do your good friends.

You deserve a better one. Promise yourself that you won't do something stupid to hurt yourself. You have to believe that eventually you will find someone who loves you for who you are. Good luck!


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  2. hey, celine here :)
    what you blogged about was really inspired me! yes my bf dumped me in a few days ago, or it should be my ex. he sent me a whatsapp msg and told me that he wanna go our separate ways. i cried hard that time and read the msg over and over again. i just simply wanna ask for a reason! i felt like i lost anything. he had already a daily routine of mine. the calls from him every morning and night, his msg, his hug, his kiss, concern from him, his smell etc. but all of this thing just disappeared in like 1 sec. i seriously cant get used on it. i cried hard every night without making a sound cause im afraid to let my family know how down am i. i have to pretend a smile infront on everyone. this is really hard. but now, after reading your post. i felt like im so stupid why do i made myself so mirerable? haha im ridiculous. like seriously! i really appreciate to read your blog, what you said are really inspired me :) i'll try to accept the fact, face the reality, forget about the pass, and move on to the new chapter of my life! thankyou very much! hope to meet you someday :D