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How's my driving test?


Finally the day has come. The day which I've expected, anticipated and waited since long time ago. All of us will eventually undergo this process as we grow older. 

Well. Let me straight to the main point! After having 4 driving lessons guided by my instructor, it's finally my turn to sit for the driving test. So my instructor had arranged the examination date for me, which is today and I had to wake up super early in order to reach there before 7am. Then we were allowed to practice rounds and rounds again until 8.15am. Most of my friends did 2 rounds of practices only but I did four rounds of them haahahaah. Actually I wasn't quite confident with my first round of practice because I did a mistake and consequently, banging straight to the baton (what do you call that?) lol. Luckily my instructor was there during my 2nd round of practice and she reminded me the important step I've missed! Otherwise, I would bang it again abruptly. So, I assured myself that I did quite well in the 3rd and 4th practice. I just hoped that I would do great in the real examination. I prayed. 

My session was scheduled to be started from 10.30am but yeah yeah, most of the time, they will keep procrastinating and delay everything lol. So I guess I did the first section, which is going up the hill kind of thing in the afternoon. Man, I was actually quite nervous. I mean, who doesn't feel nervous while waiting! Witnessing people failing the test gave me more and more tension and I just had to calm myself down to do well. I would say, bravery, confidence and awareness are the most important thing in a driving test. When it's my turn, I actually kept on chanting, which my mum taught me how to do it LOL. She said chanting gives us confidence and luck! I guess I was lucky enough to reach the line properly and I think I did everything well! I was really happy to get over my nervousness and succeeded in doing this. (Normally my instructor will keep bugging me on what to do in this, so I rarely had a chance to do this all by myself)

It was my turn to do side parking later on. Maybe I was feeling too excited or what, I forgot to hand in my document to the invigilators before I do the side parking test. It's a must to hand in the document and go according to their command but heck, I got too excited and straightly went on parking like a pro lollll. It's even funnier that I thought I was doing a great job until the invigilators reminded me that I actually did not listen to their command LOL. I was like, oh shit, I screwed this...and quickly, I got down from the car to hand in the document to them and I kept on apologizing lollllll, hoping that they would be kind enough not to let me fail it because I did not listen to their instructions lol. Luckily they were so kind to spare me a second chance and I did the parking test all over again. It was easy because I remembered all the steps that my instructor taught me beforehand. 

And I forgot how many hours we've waited for our turns to drive on the road along with the invigilator. It was raining cats and dogs, the exam was temporarily stopped for like half an hour because of the heavy downpour. I took the exam at 4.15pm. Their progress was way too slow as there were still many candidates, waiting impatiently for their turns. Well, in a nutshell, I passed my on-the-road test, thanks to the arrogant invigilator lolol.

I dunno am I just lucky enough to pass or what lol. It dawns on me that many candidates were so not lucky and they failed the test and were forced to sit for the exam all over again. I thank God for giving me confidence to succeed at the task. I thank my family, friends and my loved one for the uncountable blessings which mean so much to me! 

Casio TR1502

And also, thank you for reading. ♥

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