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Not a fan page.

I acknowledge that I'm not a celebrity blogger nor a famous and pretty girl on earth. That's why whenever anyone asks me, Jessica do you have a FANpage in Facebook? Without thinking much, I said nooooooo because I don't think I will call my readers as my fans. I don't blog merely for fame but I wish to share my interest with everyone of you out there who has the same passion with me. I totally do not feel offended if what I blog doesn't fancy or fascinate you because everyone has different point of view and I just blog what I like or what I feel like voicing out.

It feels great when people agree with my thoughts and then they shared my blog entry to their friends or family. I really appreciate that because all of you are the ones who motivate me to blog more. I bet if nobody reads my blog, I will just leave it there and only update once in a while. Seeing my blog traffic increases daily makes me happy, really. It kinda gives me the feeling like I succeeded in doing something I really enjoy.

Once again, thank you all of you, appreciating from the bottom of my heart.

This blog entry is not entirely about thanking my readers but yes I have a little announcement.

I created a page for myself in Facebook. 

I'm here to disclaim that the page is totally not a fanpage but just a place for you to interact /connect more with me. I apologize for not accepting your personal friend request as I have tons of them and sorry for those who couldn't add me anymore in Facebook. So back to my not-a-fan-page, I actually created it last year but I had never promoted it to anyone and gain publicity or whatsoever. I kept it quiet all the way and lots of random thoughts came to my mind, some of them are negative ones such as I'm quite aware of people giving me nasty comments. That was what came into my mind at the very beginning and that thought dragged me into fear.

As I blogged before, never let nasty comments have power over you. Why was I afraid and creating a page isn't as bad as committing crimes lol. Besides I wanna connect with all my readers using a social media platform and keep all of you updated. So I'm being honest here. It's also undeniably true that I create the page as a tool to promote my blog too. 

Okay la back to my page, I hope y'll will show some support to me by giving me a like. Eh-hem I not begging everyone la, just like it if you really enjoy reading my blog and there will be a giveaway soon! So stay tuned for it! ;) 

So here's the link: http://www.facebook.com/JessicaaChaw

Thank you for reading and supporting me all the while. :D


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