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Yay just a short update here!

My little page has reached 400 likes today! Thank you everyone for supporting, it means so much to me! Thank youuuuuu. I know, "400 likes" isn't a big amount but I believe it will not stop increasing! :P


Coordinate of the day! 
Baseball Jacket from Topshop / Cropped top from Topshop / Skirt from Pull and Bear / Shoes from China

*eh-hem* Actually I bought the baseball jacket and cropped top one year ago, unsurprisingly they are still in super good condition (due to my extreme care hahahaha) and still fit for me. I mean, the length of the shirts are still suitable for me, this indirectly tells me that I DID NOT GROW TALLER throughout the years....LOLOL. Can anyone tell me is this something I should be proud of or what? Anyway I'm not hating my height as people said petite girls always look younger, cuter or more adorable. *pukes rainbow* HAHAHA.

Just realized that I seldom wear shorts these days! I used to be so addicted to shorts, especially those high-waist short pants from Topshop but recently I've slightly change my interest, from shorts to tights (as I mentioned in the older posts) and I also wear skirts quite frequently these days! So I decided to wear shorts again tomorrow and mix it with my recent new purchase! Stay tuned!

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