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Should we have expectations in life? Or should we just go with the flow of the universe and just see where life takes you? Is it true that we will live a happier life if we let go all the expectations? Do you think that life will be much easier without expectations because expectations lead to disappointments?

"Expect less, so you will not get great disappointments". Have you ever heard of this or anything similar to this? However, I think it's okay to have expectations. In my opinion, I think that life without expectations is like a journey without a destination.

For me, I get motivations by having expectations in life. So, in this blog entry, I'm going to share the benefits of having expectations in life. Well, I don't expect all of you to change your point of view after reading this but of course, I hope you enjoy reading it! :D

1) When there's expectation, there's motivation.
When parents expect their children to be successful in life, they will be motivated and start educating, conveying and imparting knowledge to their children since young. When you expect success in your work / studies, then you will have the motivation to strive harder. Because of expectations, you expect and imagine what kind of life you want to have, then naturally you will work harder for it.

2) When there's expectation, there's a way.
In other words, if you expect something good in your life, you will find a way to make it happen. But remember, expectations without practical actions are useless! If you expect that you will chalk up in an examination, then you will make up your mind to find all the effective ways to study and learn. If you expect to travel in Japan next year, you will start thinking of a way to save money or earn more money to go traveling.

3) When there's expectation, there's a goal.
Everyone should have a goal in life so that one will not live a dead living. Many athletes expect themselves to shine in their field of sports, all these expectations lead them to have a goal, which is to succeed by winning a gold medal in the Olympics or any other tournaments. With goals in their life, they will have the motivation to practice more in order to succeed.

4) When there's expectation, there's improvement.
You will improve yourself to become a better person if you have expectations. Some people expect their products to be highly demanded, so they work hard on improving their products. Think, why Apple creates so many generations of iPhone and iPod? This is because they expect their products to be the best of the best and that's why the new generation of iPhone and iPod always have new functions, new designs, etc.

However, I think expectations in life should be guided with a logical and realistic thinking because you probably can't expect that you will succeed by just lazing and idling around without doing anything practical. If you expect something good to happen, then you should pay effort in realizing it.

You'll have to learn how to evaluate your expectations. Be honest to yourself - Are your expectations logical? You can't expect everyone to please you. You can't expect your boyfriend to guess what's on your mind every time. You will also have to learn how to handle your expectations and let go of the negative and unrealistic ones.

Managing your expectations with a right and positive attitude is important. Having a right attitude means that we should accept the final results with a positive thinking even though we did not get what we expected. Expectations might lead to disappointments but that doesn't mean that one should stop expecting in life.

All in all, positive and healthy expectations are a way of life. Remember, life will not always meet your expectation, so no matter what the final results are, we should treat it as a lesson with a right attitude. Positive expectations may bring you excitement and hope in life!

So what do you think?

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