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I love oversize pullovers!


It's been a while since I last updated my blog with a special fashion coordinate blog entry. So to be qualified to become a fashion blogger, here's a proper update of a fashion post and I'll be sharing some tips (hmm, maybe some thoughts)!


"I got myself a huge pullover, what should I do with it?!"

Sometimes, people might purchase the wrong size of their shirts/pullovers/ jumpers/ whatsoever, mostly from online shopping. Fret not! Because OVERSIZE PULLOVER is a must-have item in this season! 

I actually loveeeeee oversize pullovers a lot! Some people might not like it, perhaps they think wearing huge pullovers are like wearing pyjamas to shop lol. But I personally fancy them very much and recently I found a lot of cute pullovers in Zara, Forever 21 and Topshop! I had the urge to buy all of them whenever I pass by the stores and I was like, "Oh look! This is cute!", "Oh god, I want this!", etc. My mum has tried to stop me from buying more and more sweatshirts but I just feel like adding a few more new pieces into my "pullover" collections lol!! *well...only if I'm a model and I get to try different designs during every photoshoot....* 

So here are some styling tips on how to mix and match your loose and oversize pullover! 

Pick your favorite pullover. You don't have to buy particular hit colors for the season but just choose whatever color, design, patterns you love! (I personally love color blocks, shocking neon colors, pastel colors and even cartoon designs!)

Oversize pullover is super cute and adorable. And it's extremely easy to achieve the girlish look by wearing all kinds of lovely skirts such as the mini tight skirt, fluffy chiffon skirt, skater skirt or even leather skirt! 

Anyway if you prefer a more sophisticated kind of style, you can always match your oversize sweatshirt with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings. FYI, floral items and the black & white mode style are the latest trend!

I'm now showing you my outfit of the day which is inspired by Vivi Magazine March Issue :D

I'm fascinated with this duo-tone Dazzlin inspired knitted pullover. Today I wore it as a one-piece with my boots and my new pair of Ultimate 3D Stretch Tights from Topshop (Damn comfy!!!!) 

Pullover from La Quinnox. / Boots from Sungei Wang 6th Floor. / Tights from Topshop.



Okay so now I'll be posting random photos below! :P



Heart shape wasabi made by Teddy lolololol. 



So....tell me how do you match your oversize shirts! :D

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