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KDU Interview Session - Culinary Industry


On 21st of March, I was invited to attend an Interview session at KDU College, Damansara Jaya. Eh, don't get me wrong, I wasn't the one who gets interviewed but my role was to interview three students and three lecturers from the culinary industry.

KDU is well-known for their culinary courses. If you are passionate about cooking up a storm and yet still want to be able to foray out into the management level, the diploma in Professional Chef Training is perfect for you! In this course, not only will you discover various cooking techniques and subjects that include butchery, patisserie, culinary arts and design, but you will also be exposed to hands-on and managerial skills needed to succeed upon graduation.

So, I was fortunate to have interviewed a few excellent students and professional lecturers from the culinary course that day so that I got the opportunity to know more about the course. A total of 5 bloggers (including myself) were invited to attend this interview session that day and I believe that we had a fun time during the one-hour-long Q&A session which allowed everyone to speak up and question them about everything we want to know! (Of course no personal questions haha!)

Anyway, before the interview session, the lecturer gave us a brief introduction of what KDU's culinary course is about. KDU is the first and only school in Malaysia to offer molecular cooking as a compulsory subject in their culinary programs. Their award winning chefs at KDU will help you turn your dreams into reality, which is becoming a successful chef.

So basically their IMI diploma in Culinary Arts is designed for those who are enthusiastic for culinary! With 75% of the course being practical-based and training in various aspects of the culinary field, it won't be long that you're hailed as the next Gordon Ramsay! Furthermore, do you know that KDU also provides other courses like the Higher Diploma in European Culinary Management, Bachelor in Culinary Management in Culinary Operations, Bachelor in Culinary Management - Italian Cuisine or Baking and Pastry?

Why should you pursue an IMI culinary diploma in KDU?
  • Their IMI diplomas give you the choice to focus in culinary management or the practical aspects of being a chef.
  • Their courses feature Molecular Cuisine, which is a first for culinary diploma programs in Malaysia.
  • Their lecturers are from diverse nationalities; Germans, French, Australians and Malaysians. 
  • Their culinary programs are taught by award-winning chefs. 
  • There will be IMI professors every few months to teach and conduct seminars.

If you are planning to further your studies in the School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts, maybe this Q&A session is helpful for you! :)

Q: What made you choose the culinary course?
A: I think the course is interesting and I have an innate interest in the subject of food as art, besides I have a huge passion on it! Remember, without passion, you won't go far! Besides, my parents support me in choosing this culinary course.

Q: In your opinion, how do you think this course will benefit you? 
A: Hmm, first and foremost, it is fun! Besides, this course provides basic knowledge, more practical trainings and they certainly help us to learn more and understand culinary sciences, as well as an eye for arrangements and designs.

Q: What kind of difficulties you met during your learning progress?
A: Lecturers? *laughs* Our lecturers put high hopes on us but we treat stress and pressure as our motivation to work harder. We also met difficulties while picking up our basic knowledge as we have to start from zero.

Q: What are your future plans?
A: Continue with my degree / Work in hotel overseas to get more experiences / Open a restaurant in Europe.

Q: Which one accomplishment are you proud of the most?  
A: Hmm, winning in a competition I guess? Getting compliments from lecturers makes me proud too. By the way, I will be taking part in a competition held at Hong Kong. By any chance that I win, it would definitely be the accomplishment that I am proud of the most.

Q: What is the main character like for a student who will excel in this course?
A: Taking up this course, one has to be well-disciplined other than being organized. One has to also be responsible and persevere throughout the entire process of learning. To us, giving up is never an option to consider of.

Q: People often have the perception that studying culinary course means that you're undereducated. What do you think? 
A: I strongly disagree this and we're proud of our profession. We do our best to serve our customers and make sure they are happy and satisfied with our food and we see ourselves as professional chefs. We've chosen this course and we are proud of our decision, and honestly we aren't regret with our choice!

Q: What do you usually do to channel off your stress after a stressful day?
A: Facebook! Whenever we feel stressed or tired, we always seek company from our friends online and chat just about anything under the sky! Besides, we go for karaoke or play online games too, to entertain ourselves and manage our stress. Nonetheless, our classes can be very fun and we usually won't feel stressed.

Q: What are your advices to your upcoming juniors?
A: Our juniors hmm... You have to be passionate in learning as it is the only way you can absorb the most throughout the course! Besides, you should never be over excited and whimsically choose this course as you would not want to regret in the future. A step-by-step learning will help you excel in the future!

As the saying goes, "See and listen so that you can learn." The master chef strongly advised us to be discipline and responsible no matter what courses we are studying in order to succeed in the future!

Photos time! :P


With Lumi, Malaysia's ViVi star! Can anyone recognize her? :P

With Ellie.

The three students who are currently studying the culinary course.

Hello lecturers! :D

Cik Epal and Lumi listening to their explanation attentively.

Jotting down the important points! :P




Thank you to the lecturers and the three excellent students for spending their time with us and sharing a lot of experiences with us! I guess I really benefited a lot from the interview session. So after reading this, I hope you will go forward to pursue your dreams bravely and confidently! Of course, if you are interested in the culinary course, choose KDU!!!! :D


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