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Ki-ki-kiyomi~ Ki-ki-kiyomi~

Whoa, I cannot deny how this song has become a new craze in the whole universe now. Maybe it's not as popular as the viral Harlem Shake or Gangnam Style but I think it will gradually become a new influence for all people, especially the K-pop lovers.

I did not know what is Kiyomi until I watched videos about people dancing along with the cute song a few days ago. Honestly I did not really like it when I first saw it but as I watched more and more Kiyomi videos, I actually found it a very adorable song. (wtf?) Anyway, there are many Korean celebrities doing this. I saw Yoona's version and she is very cute!!

Okay so..one day when I was shooting at home, I suddenly came up with the idea of doing a KIYOMI video. Boyf was like "Are you sure you wanna act cute in a video?!" He was quite shocked but I think it would be fun! I mean, I did not do Gangnam Style, Harlem Shake, etc so why not I do a Kiyomi this time since Kiyomi is much cuter than the other two?

HAH. Please don't expect much about my video as I am not super cute naturally lol. Well, just for fun anyway!! :P

Hope you enjoy it HAHAHHA. 


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