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Meaningless A-

Usually people will tell you, SPM results aren't something you need to care because in the university, people will never ask HOW MANY A'S U GOT AH?

Yes, SPM results don't matter much when you are already in the university. But what about BEFORE you enroll into the university? I guess, it matters a lot to me because I am one of the students who need scholarship to further my tertiary education in the university. I am sure a lot of parents out there would not be capable to afford the extravagant tuition fees, yet they still work so damn hard to get you into the university no matter what kind of results you got.

Why I worked so hard? Why I need to score straight A's? You think it is for fame? You think it is merely something I want to show off?

No. It's all because I want to apply scholarship and make sure I won't burden my parents much. To be honest, they already sacrificed a lot for us. During high school, they paid for me tuition fees, which cost about nearly 300 bucks a month, and they had to pay it every single month. Now, university fees aren't as cheap as our normal high-school tuition fees already...One single course in the university costs more than 10k..not forgetting to mention fees in uni like Taylor's, Sunway, etc cost more than an arm and a leg.

I am not proud of myself and honestly, I feel slightly remorseful, for not working god damn hard to score straight A+. Some of you might say, "Jessica, you've already done a great job!! At least you got straight A's!" But no, my straight A's means nothing when I can't even apply the scholarship. I always wanted to ease my dad's burden as I know, earning money isn't easy. I am so frustrated that..I can't get into college I want.

Never mind, it's okay that I can't get into highly prestigious university I always wanted.

But it matters a lot when...my results do not meet their requirements to apply for scholarship. FYI, my dad wanted me to study at UCSI and I am actually considering to take Foundation In Science, followed by the degree in Pharmacy or Food Science & Nutrition. (Heard that UCSI is one of the best uni for the Food Science course) So I was told that, my straight A's isn't eligible for scholarship application because they do not accept A- (which I got 5 of them...)

I was happy..when I'm told that I got straight A's but frustration and depression kick in when I know that my A- (s) are useless. I am now feeling regretful..for not getting better results so that I can apply at least 50% of tuition fees waiver.

Yes. SPM results don't matter to you, who got into university without the need of applying scholarship. They don't mean anything and you could totally forget about your results after you've chosen the course you wanted. If your parents could afford the inordinate tuition fees in uni, then please make sure that you study really hard so that you won't waste their money. I am not here to give you a lesson or whatsoever. You still have the option not to bother what I've written.

Right now. There's no use of feeling sorrowful anymore. I am currently searching for university who offers at least 50% of tuition fees waiver with my results on Foundation In Science. And I am also trying to apply for the PTPTN Loan...Can anyone recommend some good university in studying foundation in Science for me? I really, really don't want to burden my dad on this..


  1. Have you tried IMU? the tuition fees is slight expensive but I'm not sure about how the scholarship goes.
    But you can try asking cause IMU is quite famous in these science/medic related courses.
    Good luck and all the best to you anyway! ^^

  2. Chiew Nee: I've heard of it before but haven't asked their scholarship before! Gonna ask for more info now! Thanks! <3

  3. i think there are lot of place offering foundation in science. dont worry, take ur time, i faced even worst prob that u do last year :X. and i ended up choose to enter utar for foundation in arts. Utar offers scholarship for 7A's and above, A- also consider A :D. but i guess u can find scholarships or sponsorship since ur results are good!
    all the best!

  4. Don't feel guilty to your parents, they know you have tried your best and get a good result although you got A- :) Besides ,there are many scholarships are still waiting for you and you stil can get them with your full A's :D

  5. HI, jessica. As I knw, TARC offered 50% of scolarship if you got 7A's ( include A-) . Since u got 9A's and above, you can get 100% of scolarship . They even automatically offered upon admission. And uhm. PTPTN only lend u loan if u're doing diplomma. This is what I know and hopefully it helps.

  6. Camy: Thank you for recommending UTAR, will check it out!

  7. Soya: I hope that I really can find one successfully! Thank you anyway!

  8. Grace: I know TARC is offering 100% tuition fee waiver but they don't provide Foundation programmes, is it? AND thanks for the PTPTN loan information!!

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