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SHARP Bloggers Event @ Blu Med.


Hello!! I am feeling super thankful for all the people who congratulated me for my achievements! Thanks for sharing my happiness with me and seriously, the wishes motivated me to work harder in the future!

Anyway, I was invited by Nuffnang to attend a blogger event which was organized by SHARP at Blu Med Cafe, Mid Valley. Thank you for the invitation because I had so much fun meeting new people there!!

So, mummy fetched me to Mid Valley at 2pm. The event was supposed to start at 2.30pm so I'm considered an early bird la. Mummy doesn't allow me to drive alone, she was damn scared that I would bang into a tree lolllll.

Well, so I met up with Joanne when I reached. We both sort of, knew each other because both of us are bloggers but I have never met her before! Then we were both invited to attend this event, which gave us the opportunity to meet each other and interact. When I first saw her, I think she looked cool and I noticed that she has a good fashion sense! Later, we chatted with each other and amazingly we both shared the same interest so it is easy for us to interact!

So, we headed to Blu Med at 2.30pm, we were then ushered to the upper floor which was only exclusively opened for invited bloggers. We were surprised that a few bloggers have already reached there earlier!! Cheesie and Bobo were sitting in the front row and I was so shy to say hi at first lol.

While searching for a seat, Melissa waved her hand and called me. She is also a blogger but we never met each other before. She is really gorgeous and speaks like a Taiwanese LOL! And I love her hair!!

Anyway, the dresscode for the event is RED..you know, I am not a fan of red color and I only own one red shirt lolll! Sorry if this shirt bores you already lolll. 



Say hi to Joanne! :D

With Melissa!


Selca while waiting for the event to start.

Me, Melissa and a new blogger I met whom I called her Yuyu lolol.

Free flow of drinks!

The event started quite late at 3pm. I dunno why they were so not punctual but luckily I have someone to chat with while waiting. At 3pm, the emcee invited SHARP's representative to give us a brief introduction of SHARP's latest Plasmacluster Ion Generator. He did a great job in explaining how the generator basically works on purifying the air around us.

Anyway it requires a bit of Chemistry understanding because during his explanation, there are a lot of Chemistry terms used like the ions (electrons, protons) and how these ions affect the air around us.





Besides cleaning the room air, the plasmacluster ion generator also provides skin-beautifying effects!! Whoa I'm amazed to know that it helps to preserve our skin moisture and even hair moisture. The plasmacluster ions tighten hair cuticles to protect against hair damage and many experiments were carried out to prove its effectiveness over the years.

The blue color thing is the Ions Counter which detects the number of ions produced by the generator.

He did an experiment, which he sprayed some ammonia on the tissue (everyone knows ammonia smells bad!) and he let one of the bloggers to smell it.

Later on, he took the tissue sprayed with ammonia near the Plasmacluster Ion Generator for a while!

So what happened is the ammonia smell on the tissue is GONE, leaving only water droplets on the tissue!!! In conclusion, this plasmacluster ion generator removes stubborn odors around us!

Then, we are proud to have Steve from Number 76 Hair Saloon here to demonstrate the power of the plasmacluster hair dryer!! Jess volunteered herself to become the model of Steve loll. (Anyway, the Jess I'm referring to is not me ah!!)

He wasn't using combs to brush her hair but only hands throughout the demo, which is really amazing!!
The results were pretty impressive because her hair turns out to be really smooth and shiny!!
How come he can do this using only his bare hands ah?!?!!



While Steve is helping other bloggers to test the effectiveness of the hair dryer on their hair, I helped myself with some refreshments. (I was damn hungry that time lol!!!)

Awesome little tarts!

The hungry little girl is here! :P

I also munched three slices of sandwiches. HAHAA

Super cute cupcakes but I didn't try it!


Yuyu, looks like a Korean and she is very, very gorgeous.

Fashion blogger, Michelle. She is mixed and I love her figures, oh and her personality! Super friendly!

With OhFishiee!

Shah from Nuffnang!



There was actually a design contest going on but I didn't participate it as I had to go back at 5pm (otherwise will be scolded by mum -_- )

Anyway, before going back, of course, I did not let go the opportunity to approach Steve to experience his power and the plasmacluster hair dryer's effectiveness. Quite sad because he said my hair is already partly damaged especially the tails. T_T

Okay I need to do hair treatment asap!!

Showing off my shiny hair after being blow dried by Steve!!

Happy kid!

As a whole, I had a great time in the event and thank you SHARP for inventing such wonderful thing which helps to purify and clean the air!!! Besides, I also had a fun time meeting friendly bloggers there! :D

And guess what? Every invited blogger gets a goodie bag which comes with this super adorable Plasmacluster Ion Generator!!! It drove me crazy because it comes in pink color wtf. And now I'm placing it beside my laptop so that it cools the air around me and most importantly, BEAUTIFYING MY SKIN OKAY!!! (By the way, this little thing costs about 500 bucks so thank you SHARP!!!)