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Success don't come for you, you go for it.


Have you ever dreamt of being one of the very successful people in the world? Have you ever dreamt of having a lucrative job with stable income? Have you ever, had a dream of what kind of life you actually want?

I believe everyone has an ambition and an aspiration to carve a niche out in the future. So do I! :)

However, dreaming or building sandcastles in the air without actions or without working hard would not help you to succeed in life! Aiming high is good but what's aiming high without any actions? Well, I don't fully believe in "luck". To me, luck is something else like "being hardworking" and knowing how to seize the opportunity. Often, people wish us good luck but I think the actual meaning of it is people actually hope us to work harder in order to achieve our goal.

Let me take "studying" as an example. Why can some people do so well in exams and often pass with flying colors? On the contrary, why some people fizzle out in every subject and be totally oblivious of their progress? Does that mean the bunch of students who score well are genius and clever while the ones who fail are stupid and have no luck? If you think so, you're absolutely wrong!

We all know that Rome was not built in a day. Success does not come for you, you go for it. So..you're hoping that you will score full marks in an exam without studying at all? (If you can, well you're a genius then.) I mean, nobody is born stupid nor clever. Success can only be achieved if one has determination and perseverance.

I know how important studying is. I mean, I did revision, exercises, homework given by tutor and teacher and often had study group with my classmates. We were all serious actually and had the same aspiration to score well in exam. I would say, they're partly my motivation to study harder! *Anxiously hoping that my SPM results would be as good as what I expect*

This year will be a crucial year for my one and only brother as he will be sitting for SPM. I would not say that he's a bad student but a happy-go-lucky type of person. I mean, he isn't serious with studying. He is totally being unconcerned of his tests and yet, living a carefree life, idling every day, surfing the net while the exam is just around the corner. And honestly, he isn't doing well in his exams since form 1. I don't know whether he's aware of his performance. Even he is aware of it, but he isn't trying hard to make things better....

Honestly, I feel sad not only for him, but for my parents. My parents had advised him umpteen times, tried using both the soft and hard methods...but he is still the same. My brother and I were quite close since we were young, mainly because our age is just one year apart and we sometimes talk about fashion together. As a sister, I also advised him to study harder for a better future. He seemed to understand a bit of what I said, he seemed to feel regret of his deeds but.......he's still the same after all the lessons.

I believe my brother or all the students who are really weak in certain subjects are not stupid, at all. I think, they are just a bunch of unmotivated students. Actually motivation is really vital for everyone. Everyone needs motivation to complete a task! Without motivation, people tend to be super sluggish to do everything, am I right? Do you ever try to study very hard but you're just too lazy to do so? Even if you have already opened the book but your mind just couldn't process well to remember everything you've read..?

So here are some tips on how to get motivated and score well in an exam.. maybe they are useful for you! :)

1) Get motivated by your good friends.
Sometimes, we can be greatly affected by our good friends. Teenagers tend to follow most of the things their friends do. For example, if you have a bunch of friends who like to fool around whole day, go to the cyber cafe whenever they're free, you tend to be like them. However, if friends around you are serious with studying, you will be highly motivated by them too! Honestly, my classmates are really hardworking and we often motivate each other to do Add Maths exercises together last year. This is how I gained my motivation from my classmates because I don't hope to be phased out! 

2) Be the one who motivates people.
Hmm, what if your friends are the unmotivated ones? Don't worry, you could lead the group and be the one who motivate them! You may try this out. Form a study group with your peers, then set a target for you and your group members. Then, work hard on the weaker subjects by staying back after school to do more revisions with your group members. In that case, you and your group members could learn from each other and I realized that this is one of the very efficient ways to study! Of course, don't chit-chat too much during the study group session or else it might be useless as well!

3) Being aware of your weaker subjects.
This is important. You should know what subjects you're good at and what subjects you're weak at. For me, I was really weak in Add Maths and Physics and I was aware of the dire situation! So, what I did was, WORK HARDER ON THEM!!! I used to hate them very much but hating them doesn't help me to understand them more. So, it's important to try your best in order to understand them more by studying and asking your teacher whenever there is something you couldn't understand!

4) Don't do revision only at the eleventh hour.
Well this may work for some people only but I suggest students to do revision every day! I mean, after school you can study through the things that the teacher taught during school. This doesn't only recall what the teacher has taught but also help you to understand more through thorough studying. Most people will feel super tensed up when they only study the night before the exam because they suddenly realize that there are too many things to stuff into their mind. So now tell me, which method do you prefer? The doing-revision-every-night one or the last-minute one? ;)

5) Say "NO" to all the distractions.
My brother has to learn this. Students tend to be distracted by so many things when they're studying. I guess the TV and your smartphone are the greatest distractions! Well, when you can't control yourself from playing your phone, PUT IT AWAYYYYYY FROM YOU!! Don't care about the Candy Crush notifications. Don't care about the Twitter mentions. Remember, you may always play it after you've done revising!

6) Avoid procrastinating
Procrastination is the thief of time! Don't always tell yourself that there's always tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow. You should complete all the homework that should be done today instead of bringing it forward and forward until you accumulate up to a mountain of them. You can also set a goal to remind yourself to pore over one or two chapters per day, if you succeeded in doing them, reward yourself!! (with a good meal or whatsoever) I think this might motivate you too! :D

7) Think of your future.
You must think of your own future. What do you want to be in the next 10 years? What kind of life you want in the next 10 years? What kind of achievements you want to accomplish in your life? Treat your life as a serious game and play it smart. You shouldn't be the one who only talks about your actions but did none of them! Do something to make your dream comes true! I'm sure everyone wants a good and decent life in the future! When you already have your ideal life in your mind, then work harder from now onwards. Dream big, aim high. In that case you would be motivated!

8) Never give up. 
Last but not least, never ever give up on yourself. Many people have given up to work harder because they think no matter how hard they try, they would never succeed. That's not the truth, it simply means that you are not paying enough effort on it. People give up easily once they fail for the first time because they think they would not succeed anymore. What you should do is, always keep your heart and mind determined. So what if you failed once? Never stop trying and never stop striving hard! Most importantly, believe in yourself. Tell yourself that you can do it instead of keeping all the negative thoughts in your mind.

To my dearest brother, 
Don't always let mummy and daddy down although they don't put high hopes on you. Why not change your way of studying and impress people with better results in the upcoming exams? You're the one who determines your future. Good luck.

And, I'm telling everyone the same,

As you sow, so shall you reap.


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