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Oh yea, I know my hair looks like a mess and my bangs are so long they can poke my eyes so I decided to trim it on next Monday and will be doing a new, special treatment for my hair!!!! So stay tuned for that blog entry okay! 

So besides posting my #OOTD pictures, I'm also sharing some of my pics taken today!! :D

Met Princess Stella and sweetie pie, Minjo at Wow KBOX today! They are so adorable, cute and YOUNG!! Am I considered old to them already? HAHAHA. 



Bangs family HAHAHA!

Holy I love her smile, so sweet it can melt one's heart. HAHAHA.

After meeting the sweet girls, mum and I headed to Pavilion for shopping and lunch. It was damn unexpected and surprising when Mr.Teddy popped out and poked me from behind when I was shopping in Zara with mummy. He must be lurking somewhere secret and stalking me lollll. I wasn't expecting him to come and he didn't tell me beforehand too. Nice try eh? 

Then we moved to Domes together for lunch! Anyway, can anyone recommend any nice Italian restaurants in Pavilion?

Gourmet Chicken Pie. BEST IN TOWN and INCOMPARABLE!!

Creamy Seafood Pasta. (Not as delicious as what I expected but the seafood are toothsome!)

And Teddy's Fish Burger. What a big portion and the fish fillets look damn crispy (but oily at the same time lol).

Surprisingly we chatted for approximately 3 hours there, about mum's anecdotes, life experiences and also our future..............in studies HAHAHA. Too bad Teddy had to leave earlier! 

OKAY BA. Enough of the food. Enough of the selca pics. Enough of the mundane words. Let's take a look at my coordinate of the day!!! :D






Collared Blouse from Forever 21, Skirt from Starlight Shop, Shoes from China.

Did I always mention that I love galaxy/cosmic prints very much? They never fail to catch my eye, especially those galaxy apparels!!! I have an innate desire to get everything in galaxy prints, like the galaxy dress, skirt, bag and even shoes! 

So one of my wishes is granted because I got myself one galaxy printed mini skirt from the Starlight shop which I wore it out today!! I'm loving it a lot and to be honest, it catches people's attention too because of its incandescent colors.That's why I paired my galaxy printed skirt with a simple yet nice collared blouse so that it creates a perfect color balance and of course, it won't make me look like I'm wearing an artistic painting lol!

Never get enough of eating omg, so mum suggested to eat the Macha parfait at Sushi Zanmai but ended up ordering a bowl of spicy Ramen too lollll.

*evil grins*



Anyway, back to the blog shop I've mentioned above, 

Starlight Shop is an online shop based on Korea and Japan fashion, the owners of this online shop are fashion lovers and they would like to bring K-fashion as well as J-fashion to Malaysians. So that's why they initially started their online business on Instagram then gradually they also displayed all their exclusive items on their blog!!! 

I personally love this blog shop a lot because the clothes they are selling are in top-notch quality BUT with an affordable price!!!! Not forgetting to mention, the clothes they are selling are really up-to-date and trendy! :D Many of my friends started indulging in online shopping because of this online shop so WHY NOT YOU TAKE A LOOK ON IT TOO?! :D Click HERE to begin your wonderful shopping journey with Starlight Shop right now!


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