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3 Ways To Mix & Match Your Basic Tee

Hello dolls!

Besides sweater, I'm also a T-shirt lover. I swear a basic tee is the easiest and the most popular clothing to mix and match with due to its versatility and it goes fine with simply anything. Match it with a pair of shorts for a casual day out? Pairing it with a mini skirt for a young and sweet look? Or even match it to a pair of denim jeans which never seems to go out of style?

When it comes to choosing a nice basic tee, I prefer the kind which is simple yet nice, especially the slightly oversized ones. Besides, the color I prefer would be bright colors such as white color (which is the most classic and versatile color ever!) or pastel sweet colors.

Recently, I am quite into tees with simple wordings a lot. So today I'll be sharing three ways to mix and match around with my basic tee which I got from Kenzoo Street. (Has anyone heard of Kenzoo street? If you haven't, well, keep reading!!!!)

So let's get started!!

#1. The Sweet Damsel. 

Girls with ponytail + Basic tee + Leather Skirt

Haha super big head photo! :P 

So this is one of the styles I am interested in recently. Inspired by Korean fashion, a style like this one is really simple yet gorgeous. I notice that the Koreans always do a good job in carrying a plain white tee brilliantly by matching it with a skater skirt. For tall girls, you can just go out with a pair of Vans kicks. On the other hand, for petite girls like me, a pair of platforms or wedges is more preferable! I love how my Kenzoo tee matches perfectly with my burgundy red leather skirt!! That's why I said, don't ever belittle simple tees! :P

#2 Miss Trying-to-be-sexy

Kenzoo Tee + Tribal Tight Skirt


Obviously, this style is sexier than #1 *eh-hem* But notice how my Kenzoo Tee matches with my tribal tight skirt? Again, this proves how versatile a white color tee is. If you think a skater skirt is not your cup of tea, maybe you should try wearing a tight skirt to create a sexier, more matured and sophisticated style. 

#3 Miss Trying-To-Be-Swag

Kenzoo Tee + Galaxy Leggings

"Oh no, what if I'm not into the girlish style?"  Setting aside the girlish fashions, now it's time for a less-feminine look. I skipped wearing denim shorts and denim jeans this time because I think everyone knows that basic style already, right? Therefore, I chose this pair of Starlight leggings to match the Kenzoo tee. Don't be afraid of the colorful designs on the leggings, it's actually eye-catching! Often, people say that it's hard to match colorful leggings because they are too variegated but look how good it is with the Kenzoo tee! Not forgetting to mention, a snapback is definitely a nice add-on to your outfit!

Hold on, that's not the end of this blog entry yet because I'm introducing you one of Malaysia's new clothing lines: Kenzoo Street.

Kenzoo Street is a fresh clothing brand found by a student from Taylor's University. Despite of all the busy schedules, setbacks and breakdowns, the owner of Kenzoo Street is adamant to persevere his dreams and never lose his passion in fashion. After undergoing lots of challenges, finally Kenzoo Street is born.

So come on, why not we show some loves and support to KENZOO STREET? :D

Like their Facebook page (Click HERE) to keep track with all the latest updates of Kenzoo Street!


By the way, great news for people who wanna win some cash!!!! It's superb easy by just joining their "Kenzoo Instagram Star" Contest! Find how you can win RM500 CASH in this video!!! :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qWiCy4vmhE


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  3. i love your galaxy legging damn much !! may i know where you bought it ? ><

  4. omg! where did u get that leather skirt? *0*