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Gwiyomi - Not alone version

Have you guys read my post about my outing with Melissa and Lumi?

We've actually carried our plan out successfully, which is record the Gwiyomi video together! Well, I saw some of you have tweeted or posted statuses about how much you abhor people who recorded Gwiyomi video haha! I know there are already multitudinous of Gwiyomi videos out there which might annoy you but you can't stop people from recording it. :P I mean, if you don't like it, just IGNORE it and don't watch it haha!

This is the normal version one of us. Lumi came out with an idea of doing a special version of Gwiyomi video, which I cannot reveal to you for this moment first! But I will update this post with the new video once I got it from Melissa! :P Anyway, we had tons of fun while recording the video, regardless how many NG's we did haha! It was quite enjoyable doing funny poses with them!

12.04.2013 (New Update!)
Wheehee! As what I've promised, I'm now posting the abnormal version of Gwiyomi!!! You will never imagine how we played with this trend and this is probably the most creative Gwiyomi you've ever seen! *Ok no la, just exaggerating to attract you hehe* But I promised that there's something different about this abnormal Gwiyomi than the others so please watch!!! :p

Oh, not forgetting to mention that there are NG's clips in the video too!!! You might probably see me talking like a retard in it HAHAHA!! Anyway, hope you enjoy watching the video!!!


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