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Hong Chen Ke Zhan-Jay Chou Piano cover.

If I made up my mind to take A levels, I would have a super duper long holiday which is about 4 months long because A levels intake falls on July! So apparently I am really free, idling at home, occasionally attending invited events and starting a bit of online business on my blog and Instagram. Actually I should just find a proper part-time job so that I will not, at least, live a boring life and of course through that, I can earn myself some extra pocket money too..

Anyway, since I have so much of time, I will be spending them on working out some new topics to write and hopefully I get inspirations from nowhere or somewhere to write them out! Besides, I will also record some videos of my piano covers, well I'm not sure whether y'll like it or not haha!

I haven't been playing piano for quite some time. I have stopped learning it since I completed my Grade 8 practical. I miss playing it, especially the sentimental songs which made me pour my soul into the song.

So here's an incomplete piano cover of Jay's song, 红尘客栈 

Sorry if it disappoints you because my hands are quite stiff or rusty after a long time of not playing the piano. :(

Anyway, I hope you like it and please recommend some nice piano songs to me heh! :D


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  2. Wow! You use iPad replace books. Good idea. May I know where you find those piano sheet? And how you put it into your iPad?