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Never starve yourself.


Have you ever felt sleepy and hungry at the same time during midnight?

My answer: YES and it sucks! 

Being hungry and sleepy at the same time is really distressing because I'm too sleepy to eat but I'm too hungry to sleep too wtf. It happened to me last night, which made my night super terrible and sleepless. I actually went to bed at around eleven but my mind was distracted by a small part of a scary movie I watched in the morning. Damn I shouldn't have watched it because I'm not the kind of person who can stand even a light dose of horror. T_T I dunno but I just couldn't control my mind to stop thinking about the ghastly scenes. Sometimes when I'm alone, I would imagine that "someone" is around me, watching me and yes I'm that foolish loll. 

Okay back to the topic. I struggled not to think of the horrible scenes I watched but the more I tried to steer my mind off it, the more of the stupid things come to mind. I gave up on sleeping and ended up scrolling Instagram and Twitter until I'm tired of staring at the phone. 

After a few moments of aimless scrolling, I finally felt sleepy again and I was like YES NOW I CAN SLEEP. *off to sleep like a little bunny* But my tummy growled at me and I came to realized that I was actually hungry. -_- Usually when I encounter scenarios as such, I will ignore the hunger and urge myself to sleep. (Hunger vs Sleep, Sleep wins every time) So I did the same last night: I tried to ignore the hunger and sleep. However, my hunger was constantly bugging me and it was getting worse as time passed. I swear I didn't skip dinner nor am I on a diet. It got more and more severe that I had to get off bed and get myself some food. 

Grunting to myself, I stumbled to the kitchen reluctantly. At first, I found a lovely biscuit - "Xiang Bing" that mummy bought from Ipoh and I munched it as quickly as possible so that I can go back to sleep. To no avail, the biscuit did not seem to help a teeny bit; but in fact, the hungry feeling in my tummy only worsened. I dunno whether should I consider it "hunger" or "gastric pain", what mattered in the meantime was only the sickening feeling in my rebellious tummy.

Then I got myself another piece of sesame biscuit in hope to ease my gastric pain. Gradually, I felt slightly okay after that and I thought I could just float to my land of nod but the situation was getting worse that I felt as if my liver was going to shred. T_T I did not want to make an issue of this and I didn't like the idea of disturbing my family members who were all sleeping in the arms of morpheus. Clenching my jaws, I told myself to sort this out on my own. In the end, I decided to make myself a cup of warm Milo. -_- Luckily, the gruesome feeling was gone after that. I love you, warm Milo!! 

So all in all, this lesson taught me to never starve myself, not even once if possible. Calling out to all of you out there too, especially the ones who tend to go purposelessly on-diet: One day, starving will take its toll on your health. Don't taunt your beautiful life with something you don't need.


  1. True enough. A diet without proper nutrition can be very hazardous but on the other hand, a healthy diet can actually prevent such things from happening. Fortunately, the warm Milo saved your night :)

    Celyx Lim


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    Allmendinger was sidelined last summer from NASCAR competition after testing positive for Adderall at Kentucky Speedway in June. He was subsequently dismissed from the seat of the No. 22 Penske Racing Dodge while completing the Road to Recovery. In October, James Finch offered Dinger a ride with Phoenix Racing at Charlotte.

    Lately, Allmendinger has shown a proficiency to get up to speed in whatever type of race car he drives whether its a stock car, a Grand American or an IndyCar. On Wednesday, Allmendinger tweeted about a hard training session at the Penske Racing shop followed by working hard to keep getting stronger for whatever opportunity comes next."

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    The big question is can we get him an oval test and then maybe Long Beach and go to Indy?

    Allmendinger is scheduled to drive for Phoenix Racing at Bristol Motor Speedway, Auto Club Speedway and Martinsville Speedway. However, the current IndyCar plan to race in the Grand Prix of Alabama on April 7 would preclude Allmendinger from NASCAR competition.