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Nuffnang Fashion Fabulous Group Gathering


I was anticipating a group gathering with all the Fashion Fabulous members ever since I was invited to join that group. FYI, it's an group moulded by Nuffnang to connect and (at times) assemble all the fashion bloggers out there so that all of us can share our passion and ideas together! My heart was on cloud nine when I was invited to join that exclusive group which gathers all the Fashionista!! And tadaa~ a group gathering especially designed for the members of Fashion Fabulous was hosted at The Warehouse Art and Cafe today. It feels so much like "FINALLY" when I received my invitation!!

Thank god I woke up feeling much better this morning. (I felt damn sick yesterday to the extent of having to undergo a medical checkup -_-) It's utter hell to be feeling nauseous all 24 hours a day: I swear, when that wave of nausea hit you, nothing feels right. Your sky turns darker than black, your sun shines rays of darkness, crows dogfights amidst withered trees...Okay sorry I know I'm going too far from my topic lol! Anyway, I was swamped with energy again after adequate sleep last night!

After dolling up and having a light breakfast at home, (Breakfast is damn vital to keep me alive so I won't faint later!) I waited patiently for Baoer and her boyf to fetch me there! *Thank you for being so kind!!!*

We haven't met before but there was not a single awkward hiatus chatting with her. Bounded to very similar interest, we easily became friends and it seemed as if there is nothing under the sky we can't talk about! And...she has such huge eyes right!!

Yipee! Meeting baby Joanne again! She was the earliest bird by the way! She texted me repeatedly and asked me to hurry just so she didn't have to be so lonely lol!!



Since we arrived quite early, we decided to snoop around and take a good look around in the vintage-deco cafe. All the artistic artworks hung on the walls channel an ostensible atmosphere which makes you feel as if you just walked in an antique cottage of the olden days...

Say Hi to Joan! (Yeah..two "Joannes" in the house!)

I must say, they have a wonderful collection of antiquated kind of furniture. They make you feel like a lady belonging to the past!

Baoer, me and Joanne!



Girl in black.




I literally hopped in excitement upon Baby Melissa's arrival!!

And guess what?! We were both wearing platforms of a similar design!! We screeched hysterically "Ahhhh our twinnie shoes!!!" and jumped in exhilaration. HAHAHA.

By the way, don't you think baby Mel looks super cute?! 

Our group gathering isn't merely about yak-yakking and taking pictures because this time, we have three local clothing lines to reel in the fun! Let's put our hands together and welcome Phatculture, Pestle and Mortar and Milktee! *pops confetti!*

Co-founder of Phatculture, introducing what Phatculture is all about! 

Two friendly co-founders of Milktee!

I'm sorry for not being able to take the pictures of Pestle & Mortar's co-founders because the lighting was too poor. :( 

After a brief description about their boutique, it's time to switch our creative minds and fashion light bulbs on for a mix-and-match competition!!! All of us were separated into pairs and later on, we were given the opportunity to choose and wear the favorite apparels displayed by the three boutiques! All we had to do were MATCH THE OUTFITS, SNAP THE VERY BEST PHOTO OF OURSELVES and GET THE MOST COMMENTS to win fabulous prizes!

My partner was baby Melissa and Povy initially, but Povy left our group to join Casey after that. We discussed briefly and came up with a few dressing themes. Ultimately, we settled on "The Dreamy Girls"!! Actually we felt kinda stressed because there were so many competitors in house! :P Okay, are you ready to see how we transformed ourselves into dreamy girls now?!

*drum rolls*

I MUST TELL YOU HONESTLY: I love this rainbow skater skirt a lot!!!! Joanne wanted to choose that also but too bad, I was the first to snatch it away muahahahah. Ok, not sure if I'm dressing up like a dreamy girl because of the black top, but I think the rainbow skirt is so lovely and dreamy enough already!

To be frank, my baby Mel has super good fashion sense and see how lovely is her outfit which totally matches with our theme!

YAY! Some delectable refreshments were served too!! *nom nom*

Me, Melissa and Povy!

Joanne with Joan~

With all the beautiful girls - all dressed up so nicely! 

Oh yea, this is a closer look of the beautiful embellishments on my collar. 

With Baoer in Monochrome Denim.

We are undeviating food lovers! :3

 Aiyaya, how good is it if I can just walk away with this outfit. T_T


There will be only a pair of winners who will walk away with grand prizes worth RM450 sponsored by Melvita! But due to time constraint, the winners will only be chosen after Nuffnang compiles all of the photos and upload them to Instagram. I would really appreciate it if you are willing to spend your precious time leaving a comment on my pic which could be found in Nuffnang's Instagram (because the pics with most comments win!!)

With lovely nuffie, Sue Ann! She called my camera the futuristic camera HAHAHHAHA. Anyway,  everyone got a goodie bag from Melvita!!

With another Nuffie, Darren who claimed that he's trying to be fashionable that day by wearing a pink shirt. HAHAHA.

*Phew* Finally it came to an end for this long blog entry. In short, I wanna thank Nuffnang for organizing this awesome gathering for all the Fashionistas so we could get to know each other more. I'm so glad to meet all the lovely bloggers there. I eagerly hope that there are more events coming up for the Fashion Fabulous cohort!!

Till next time! Buh-bye! ;) 

New update: 
The Instagram contest has ended!! Thank you everyone who voted for Group 2!! But I think every group deserves a prize since everyone dressed up so nicely that day!!!


  1. love your blouse a lot! the detail is exquisite!! =)
    do drop by my blog to look around!

  2. nice knowing u, jessica :)) u r so cute :)

  3. Congratulation on winning sweetie :D

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  5. nice! where did u get the cat slippers? :)

  6. You're so cute ;) and you're really good in English! Wish to make friends with you=)