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OOTD Cropped top x Skater Skirt


They say a pair of black leggings will make your legs look extra slim. 

I guess......it's true. 

okay poser.

I don't usually match my tights with a skirt, but I recently came across some fashion bloggers' OOTDs and somehow they lit the light bulb above my head! A crop top matched with a high-waist skirt works a magical illusion which makes your legs appear way longer than they are!! Perfect for petite babies like meeeeeeeee lol!! 


Now as for the crop top, it looks "simply stylish". What am I saying, so where does style come from, if it is designed to be simple? If you noticed, designs only play their games on the sleeves, and since the chest region is plain, it generously made way for a striking highlight at the bottom. A neon skirt or a black one high on the contrast? Your swag, you drop it. 

Collared blouse from H&M / Cropped Top from The It Girl Online Boutique / Skater skirt from Topshop / Leggings from Topshop / Kitty Platforms (I'm selling HEHEHEHE) / Shades from H&M

Ever wondered why fake collars are so hot on sale nowadays? Usually neglected, a collar serves the purpose to define the personality of your outfit. As for my OOTD, I believe the blue collar made me a little Korean school girl!! You think? *vain*

The doodles on the sleeves are cute, aren't they? :D
*Photo from The It Girl Online Boutique*

I can't describe how awesome this online boutique is! This online boutique is not like the rest that you can find: you can already FEEL their trademark once you take a sniff of their coordinates! In fact, it's hard to resist buying everything home for a mass-shopaholic like me! 

Okay! So I think that's the end of this post. I'm gonna start my crazy online shopping in https://www.facebook.com/theitgirlonline BYE! ;P

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