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Why is it hard to say "Thank you"?

Saying "Thank you" simply shows that you appreciate the kind deeds people do for you. But lately, I realized a lot of people find it hard to say "Thank you" when people around them have done something or said something good to them. Is it just me or anyone else feels the same too? 

Well. I'm not pointing my fingers at anyone but just giving some examples and adding some personal thoughts in this blog entry.

Let us start from the basic manners taught by our parents since we were young. I believe the parents plays a very important role in teaching their children to be polite and thankful since young. Parents have the responsibility to inculcate the minds of young about how important it is to say words like "Thank you", "Sorry", "Excuse me.", etc and what is the true meaning of showing gratitude to others who have helped us. I think my parents did a great job in insisting me to always respect and show gratitude to everyone who is kind to us, regardless who that person is.

Lately, I've read a lot of news about how teenagers in this era behave. Showing no respect to their family, taking advantage on their family and taking them for granted and so on. So instead of thanking their parents who have done so much for them, they actually behave rudely like an uneducated tartan.

Besides, why is it so hard for students to thank their teachers or anyone who has guided them in their studies? Well, some students might think that they have paid the fees and therefore think that it is beyond their obligation to say "Thank you". Yes, 80% of your good results is due to your effort but do not forget the 20% help which is given by people who have taught you in life. You might not succeed without them so why is it so hard to say a simple "thank you" which actually means a lot to your teachers?

Again, why is it so hard to say thank you to people who have said something nice or done something good to you? I don't know but I feel kinda sick for people like that. "Justin Bieber has gazillions of fans tweeting compliments to him, so does that mean he has to reply each and everyone of them?" Of course he doesn't have to do so but he should appreciate his fans by doing his best in his performance, maintaining his good image, etc. (Well I'm just taking him as an example.)

Same goes to the online celebrities, who made you extraordinary and who made you who you are today? Without your fans, readers or supporters, you are just - like everyone else - ordinary. Well, I feel weird when they say they have no time to thank their supporters but yet, they have all the time in the world for haters. Why don't you spend your time appreciating people who are nice to you, instead of spending your time, thinking of how to retaliate against nasty comments. Perhaps you might say "Maybe they have more important things to do. They aren't always free to reply comments." If one day they have lost all their supporters, it would be a painful lesson which reminds them of how important it is to thank the supporters.

Saying "thank you" simply shows that you appreciate them but many egoistic people thought that saying thank you make them feel inferior.

I remember I was asked, do I reply or interact with my readers often? I can't guarantee that I will reply all of them because sometimes I might have missed a few of them BUT I'm trying not to miss any one of them. And I do not reply on a whim or my good mood tells me to do so. I just feel the need to thank everyone who has been treating me so well. Anyway, I hereby apologize if I ever missed out your comment. Forgive me please! I mean, I always feel thankful for readers who are supporting me all the while because I know it isn't their job to read my blog every day, give me nice comments, etc, but yet, they treat my blog as their daily dosage and this is why, I'm so thankful to have them. Some of them even thanked me for blogging or sharing tips in my life, I mean, WHY THANK ME wor!!!! I'm the one who should thank you for reading!

I understand how it feels like for not being appreciated, it feels bad when you are trying to help someone wholeheartedly but all you get in the end is being ignored and it feels even worse when that someone is taking your generosity and kindness for granted, as if you are paid to treat him good ; as if you are born to serve him right. I believe that everyone likes to be appreciated, perhaps in different ways.

Everyone should learn how to be thankful, even for littlest kind deeds people have done for you. One never loses by being modest at all times.

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