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Accepting Challenges.

"Life is too short, so you should enjoy it to the fullest."

I am not sure whether everyone agrees with the quote above. I can't deny that it's true but neither can I see eye to eye with the meaning the quote stands for. At some points of life, I personally think that one should enjoy life but sometimes, one should get out of the comfort zone to explore something new, open up oneself to new possibilities and welcome new challenges in life.

I think the key to a meaningful life is the spirit of willingly accepting challenges. Easier said than done, accepting challenges indirectly means bearing the mindset to overcome fears and readily stomach failures with an open mind. The scope of perspective we use in looking at ourselves is very important: if you think that nothing can stop you from being successful, then you will eventually find your way to success someday. If the journey to success is a war, self-confidence will be your strongest shield and armor.

By accepting challenges, one can learn how to adapt to never-before-experienced situations and learn how to grasp the nettle. What we gain from accepting challenges is something priceless - Experience. There's no way you can harvest valuable experience by doing nothing challenging at all. With rich experience under our belts, we will be always ready to take on unfavorable situations and swiftly make wise decisions, come challenges big or small. Without a doubt, experience is the most important asset for everyone; experience is what defines your character and what discriminates you from a crowd of people who are just about the same as you from the outside.

One can also build a strong character by accepting challenges. While there is success, there must be failure; or some say you can never celebrate success until you taste the bitterness of failure. Failure is an inevitable phenomena; an unavoidable path to success. The lesson of overcoming a failure is a lesson you must endure to strengthen yourself; instead of allowing the feeling of defeat crush you down to bits of detritus. I think overcoming failures itself is one of the biggest challenges in life because many people tend to give up when failure slaps them in the face. We should never let failure debilitate us but what we should do instead is to learn from our mistakes, keep our head up and move on towards success! Discouragements will come knocking at your door, but for the sake of the success you hunger for, please, seal that "door" up. Stay strong.

Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. Never defy the importance of new challenges in your life! Who would guess that one day, you might turn the impossible to possible!


  1. Love this post! It gives me extra motivation to face my everyday challenge.. Thank you, Jess ♥

  2. hehe thanks for replying my tweet and i'm really sorry i didn't drop a comment on this post beforehand because i was reading it off my iphone ><

    but then, im here now to comment heheh :3

    "if you think that nothing can stop you from being successful, then you will eventually find your way to success someday. If the journey to success is a war, self-confidence will be your strongest shield and armor"

    i really love this quote of yours.

    well, actually what makes life interesting is that it is made up of ups and downs, goods and bads. life is just like a piano. you have black keys and white keys, that is the reason why a beautiful melody can be created from those keys. challenges make people grow, but personally, in my humble opinion, there are not that many challenges that we expect there will be in lives. it is more like a whether-you-do-it-or-not thing (to me la.. ><) if one is determined to do something, then probably that is not that much of a challenge for him. MAYBE it is more like an interesting experience, instead of a chore.

    another thing is that, jessica, i really love your wordy blog posts. you have a very inspiring perspective and i really enjoy reading those posts, and of course your fashion posts and everything <3 <3

    love u forever! xoxo!