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Brunch and Bonding time at ABC.

Acme Bar and Coffee (also known as ABC) is the only restaurant which comes into our mind when we were deciding which cafe we should dine at. No doubt, ABC is highly reputable for its beautiful environment and its marvelous food! Ever since I tried their Sizzling Brownie last time, I couldn't help but fell in deep love with ABC already!

So this is my second time there, with Lumi and Melissa. Luckily I could still remember some of the directions to get there! :B By the way, say hi to my pretty darlings!


I know what's your reaction when you first came across this picture:
"WA, LOOK AT HER HAIR."(Obviously not mine but her's, the girl beside me) I love Lumi's bright and purple hair a lot!!! It's so conspicuous and unique! And it suits her so much right?

Selca before food is served! :B





It feels so great to be with them because we have endless topics and gossips to chatter over. There's not a  single second of awkwardness in between our conversations! Apparently we share the common passion: Blogging, food and fashion! The girls are also caring enough to purposely drive all the way to Sungei Wang (where my dad's shop is located) to pick me up, only then we all head to ABC. I actually offered to wait somewhere which is more convenient for them to pick me up, but Melissa said: "You want me to bite you ah? Don't walk alone okay! We come over to fetch you!" Aww, this is so heartwarming right?

This darling dressed up so sexily!

Oops! Sorry for all the selca pics heh! Time for some food pics!
I noticed that ABC's main courses comes in huge portion during my first visit so I suggested to share all the dishes so that we won't feel too stuffed up by the heavy servings.

So this is the Acme's Breakfast Club (Rm33), which allows you to choose your desired type of bread, eggs and side dishes! We opted for Italian toasted bread, scrambled eggs, Sauteed mushroom, hashbrowns and roasted turkey breasts!

Indeed, their breakfast platter is really huge in portion and I swear I could take forever but still couldn't finish it by myself lol. Scrambled eggs are not too salty and it's taste synergized so well with the Italian toasted bread. The best part is the sauteed mushrooms: extremely flavorful, juicy and springy haha! But the turkey breasts and cabbage were a little disappointing. Otherwise, it would be a perfect plate of breakfast platter!

Coddled Eggs (rm18, not quite sure about the price!) Well, the eggs are half-cooked below boiling point and there are "hidden gems" under the coddled eggs!! When you stir them, you can actually find beef bacon-wrapped snails in it! And yes.....I finally had snails for the first time in my life.

You know what. I hate imagining the picture of a snail when I'm chewing up the escargot. It looks disgusting for me but they told me that snails actually taste good wtf. I dunno la, I take oysters, mussels and other slimy kind of seafood but never a snail lol. Anyway I just ate a bit of it and um, they actually tasted like normal meat? -_-

Okay last but not least, my OOTD pics!! :D

I'm crazy for Maths because my shirt proves it lolol!!
Top from The It Girl Online 
Skirt from Topshop
Bag from Burberry 
Kitty Platforms from my online store! Instagram: Bunnykisses_

More close-up pics for my OOTD!



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