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IMAGENE Contact lenses review + Giveaway!

I am sure that everyone knows what contact lenses are! Contact lenses, especially those colored ones with eye-enlarging effects are already so common among everyone nowadays, regardless of age or gender.

I personally love colored lenses a lot and they have made such a huge impact on my life! No joke. I'm not satisfied with my eyes because I think that they are really SMALL. You can spot the difference when I take photos with those pretty girls who have big and adorable eyes. The feeling that surges to my mind is: Oh look, people have super adorable eyes but what do I have? I felt unhappy with it and finally decided to do something about it because I find it somehow pointless to keep grumbling and grumbling about my eyes without putting effort in making a change.

I got my first colored lens last year. *meh* My "finally" up there actually meant "last year"! -_- From then onwards, I rarely wear my transparent lenses already. I even have some new ones sitting in my cupboard omgz. The reason why is I think that I look MUCH better with colored lenses and YES I do feel awkward when I wear transparent lenses again. It's as if I'm already used to my eyes with colored lenses.

Does everyone wearing colored lenses experience the same or is it just me? 

I personally think that it's completely fine to put on colored lenses. Some people might not agree with me but what I feel we are supposed to learn is to DO WHAT WHICH MAKES YOU FEEL CONFIDENT. If you think that colored lenses play a role in boosting your confidence, then why not?

So for those who are looking for colored lenses, this post might help you out! Make sure you finish reading this blog entry so that you won't miss out something exciting! :B

Has anyone heard of IMAGENE contact lenses from ADORE? ADORE is a relatively new brand in the Malaysian Market but is already highly reputable and well-known all over Europe for Italian Fashion Lenses. They are specially designed (especially for Asians) with the latest technology to add a sparkle in your eyes. This new yet amazing product features an array of benefits that you and your eyes will simply love so much.

OK FOLKS. I'll be posting a close-up pic of myself without wearing any colored lenses nor makeup. SO I'M NOW WARNING YOU!!

*Background music of horror movies plays.....*

Here comes the magic. 

My eyes after wearing GREY colored lens from IMAGENE. 

Even Mr.Potter is shocked with the huge difference...lol!

Omg, magic has been conjured on both of my eyes! I know la, from zero "chioness" to 90% chioness, right?!! :B

Anyway I didn't apply any makeup on my face here! But I must say, this pair of contact lenses naturally spiced up my appearance! Imagine how beautiful will your eyes appear after applying coats of mascara and eyeliner around them!

For me, I can just go out like this without makeup; But I absolutely refuse to go out without my lens!


I love the design of the lens! They look sparkling and somehow resemble dreamy snowflakes lol.

I have incessant love for this mesmerizing grey color!

Before wearing lens, I have zero confidence to show you my face. After wearing lens, I am vainer than ever. HAHAHAHA!

Oops! How can I forget to tell you all the benefits of this pair of lenses from IMAGENE?

Benefits which will amaze you: 

  • 14.5mm diameter for natural enlarging effect 
  • Contains 45% water which provides your eyes all day comfort! 
  •   Protects your eyes against harmful ultraviolet rays 
  • Clear and unobstructed vision
  • Monthly disposable and therefore, more hygenic! 
  •   Comes with a stylish and elegant protective case  

Besides, IMAGENE cosmetic lenses come in 4 different colors, i.e. Magenta, Grey, Brown and Black! I got myself a pair of grey ones and another pair in magenta. But in this post, I'll be only showing you the grey color and will only show you the magenta one next month! :P





One thing I must mention is their packaging! As you can see, it comes in a box with a gold color ribbon which makes the appearance classic, attractive and supreme. It's indeed one of the best designs I've ever seen for a contact lens packaging.

Besides the vivid color of the lens, one thing I must highlight is the degree of comfort it renders. When it comes to choosing a pair of ideal contact lenses, COMFORT LEVEL is the thing I will prioritise. No matter how much it costs, how beautiful is the color or how special is the design, my top-priority is a pair of comfortable colored lenses; and I think I just got myself the ideal pair from IMAGENE! Honestly, I've been wearing it for a week and it's really comfortable to be worn all day long.


Checking my daily updates comfortably with IMAGENE contact lens.

You can wear it to work, to school and to anywhere you desire!!




Selca to the fullest with this beautiful pair of lens!

On top of that, I can look both sweet and edgy with IMAGENE's contact lenses because the color is so easy to match with my daily outfit!

This is how the lens look like without being exposed into the natural sunlight.

Very dreamy right!!!!


Still remember that I mentioned that there will be something exciting coming up?

Yeap, it's GIVEAWAY time!!!!!!

My blog is collaborating with IMAGENE and we're giving away 2 pairs of contact lenses for my blog readers! Of course, there will be only 2 winners and each of them will win a box of contact lenses with their desired power and color!!! Sounds interesting isn't it?!?!

Just complete a few easy steps and you could win yourself a pair of contact lenses (worth RM70 per box) from IMAGENE! 

What you should do to win: 

1) Like IMAGENE's facebook page HERE.
2) Tell me "Why do you want a pair of IMAGENE Contact lens?" by leaving a comment in the Imotiv comment box below. Don't forget to include your name, email address and Facebook profile link!
P.S. PLEASE don't leave a comment in Blogger comment box! Only comments in Imotiv will be considered!
3) Now you're done! Winners will be chosen and contacted by IMAGENE by 1st of June 2013! 


Good luck to all participants!! Anyway, it's okay if you didn't win in this contest because I promise there will be more giveaways next time! :B

Meanwhile, you can also purchase IMAGENE contact lenses from optical shops like:
  • Focus Point Outlets
  • A-look Outlets
  • Pro Eyes Outlets
And don't miss their current promotion!!!
(Apr – Jun 2013)
Buy 2 Boxes Free 1 Box At RM 99.00 nationwide promotion. 


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