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Strip Ministry of Waxing - IPL Hair-Reduction Treatment


Girls, let me ask you an awkward question directly. "Um, how do you remove your underarm hair usually?" HAHAHA OK it sounds awkward but I really want to know what is the best way to remove the disgusting looking armpit hair lolol. To be honest, I used to shave or pluck them but as of what I know, the shaving method isn't good because it will cause your skin to become rougher. However the plucking method could be super painful, it pushed me to tears every time I use that method! T_T

Armpit hairs are common but it's awful when we, girls, are spotted to have them especially when we are wearing singlets. No matter how pretty you are, it's just a major turnoff when you do not get your underarm clean of hair lol. So!!!! In order to avoid being the "TURNOFF kind of girl", we must constantly remove those unaesthetic underarm hair!

A few days ago, I was invited to do a Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Semi-Permanent Hair Reduction treatment in Strip Ministry of Waxing. They have several branches and the branch I went to was the one located in Lot 10.

FYI, STRIP was established in Singapore with a prominent brand presence and it has 35 outlets in 9 cities worldwide! Basically the services they provide are all related to "HAIR REMOVAL". Not to mention, STRIP also has the highest number of awards in the world (as compared to other hair-removal specialists)!! Rest assured of their expertise and reliability, there is generally nothing you should worry about.

Okay so back to the IPL treatment I just mentioned above! Perhaps many of you are still unfamiliar or some of you never even heard of it before, but it's okay because I just experienced the power of the IPL treatment as soon as I found out about STRIP!!

What is IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) ?
-Advanced semi-permanent hair reduction method.
-Uses specially filtered beams of pulse light to disintegrate unwanted hair from the root.
-Delays the growth of new hair. (A percentage of hair may not re-grow!)
-Aids in the lightening of skin pigmentation and diminishing ingrown hair issues.


The I-am-acting-sexy pose? LOLOL

Every outlet has different decorating themes and this Lot 10 one is specially designed based on the Ocean Theme (which I really love very much!!!)








So after a short consultation of what IPL is, I was invited to enter the room to try on the underarm hair removal treatment! The STRIP consultants (also known as "Waxperts") are all really friendly and they are obliged in making sure I feel completely relaxed throughout the process. They mentioned that this IPL treatment actually gives ZERO harm to your skin and it doesn't inflict pain at all. I was over the moon when I discover that my underarm hair can actually be removed without hurting myself!

So this is the device which emits a spectrum of light to destroy and weaken hair follicles.

This IPL machine is strictly designed ONLY for STRIP and has been customized for maximum comfort and effectiveness!


Personal experience
My specialist was such a lovely lady and I like the fact that she loves to smile LOL. To begin with, I was asked to remove my dress and hang it in a cubicle. Later, she helped me to clean my underarm with a special cleanser first. (To be honest I had the strong urge to giggle that time but luckily I managed to hold it down :P) After cleansing, she will softly shave your hair under both arms with a razor (I swear it doesn't hurt at all).

So here comes the important part. She applied a cold numbing cream on my underarm before "zapping" my underarm with the IPL machine. The cream would make you feel uncomfortable at first but then you could barely feel anything afterwards. Also, she provided a pair of 3D-like glasses to shield my eyes from being injured by the beam of light.

The machine zaps my underarm like how a stapler works. I don't really know how to exactly describe the feeling, but what matters is that it did not hurt at all! And what's more, the entire process took only about 10-15 minutes! Not to be mistaken with laser hair removal and waxing, the IPL treatment is way more comfortable!

My specialist told me that after this IPL treatment, the new grown armpit hair will just COME OFF itself so you don't have to pluck or shave it!!! 



After the IPL treatment, I quickly took a gaze at my underarm in front of the mirror while my specialist went outside. I was impressed by the results and my underarm was squeaky clean and smooth without those unaesthetic hairs!!! I repeat, IT GIVES ZERO HARM AND ZERO PAIN TO YOU!! 

Then I was invited to visit other rooms because STRIP doesn't only offer the IPL treatment, but also waxing! Anyway, IPL can be done over almost any area of the body, such as the legs, Brazilian region, back, underarms, arms and even upper lip! 

Here's my specialist, giving me the opportunity to try the waxing treatment out! The cream she applied on my hand smelled like chocolate! First, she spreaded the cream smoothly on my hand until it dried up. Then she peeled it off from my skin swiftly and TAADAAA, HAIR REMOVED.

But I personally think that this waxing method is more painful loolololol.

Me, holding the "dry chocolate which embedded my hair HAHAHA"


And this one is the strawberry wax which provides similar function as the chocolate one! 

STRIP's Ultimate IPL treatment is a long-lasting solution that resolves all hair situations in just SIX zippy sessions! SIX sessions are all you need to eliminate all the woes your hair brought you! As compared to the laser treatment, the IPL treatment is actually quicker and safer. Rest assured, both promise efficiency!

From now until 30th of June, 2013, STRIP has an exclusive offer for a first trial of all the IPL treatment!!! Here is the reference for you: 

IPL Brazilian Treatment - RM188 (U.P. RM900) 
IPL Bottom Half Leg Treatment - RM188 (U.P RM900) 
IPL Underarm Treatment - RM88 (U.P. RM450) 
IPL Upper Lip Treatment - RM38 (U.P RM112) 

Like STRIP in Facebook to get more information! http://www.facebook.com/StripKL 

Or you can head over to this outlet in LOT 10 for free consultation! 

Fourth Floor,
Lot 10 Shopping Centre. 
Tel: 03-21436092

p.s. Thank you Teddy boy for all the photographs!!